Jersey Shore Surfcasters Surf Day this weekend

We are few days away from my favorite show, Jersey Shore Surfcasters Surf Day. You can find all the information about the show on their website at

I will paste below some information but its a day jammed packed with seminars and surf fishing vendors. The weather looks great and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there. Tommy and I will also be at Fisherman’s Flea Market this Sunday at Temple Emanuel in East Meadow NY

Here is some new gear for this year show season. You can pick out any short sleeve t-shirt for free with subscription or renewal and we will also have a limited number of Mean Bass gray pullover hoodies for show special $35. Not sure we will be able to have all the stuff at all the shows but we will try our best.

SJ Mean Bass pullover


SJ Moon Girl tee


SJ Mean Bass tee


NJ Surf Day February 21st NJ 8 30 to 4 30 PM

East Meadow Flea Market NY Sunday February 22nd 9 to 3 pm

RISAA Providence RI February 27 to March 1st

Berkley Fishing Flea Market NJ Sunday March 1st 9 to 2 pm

Ward Melville HS NY March 7th 8 30 to 3 PM

Asbury park Flea Market NJ Sunday March 8th 9 to 2 pm

Patchogue Flea market NY Sunday March 22nd 9 to 3pm


A Day Dedicated to the Surfcaster.”

At Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Surf Day is sponsored by the Jersey Shore Surfcasters, it is a day strictly for those with surfcasting interests. If you want to get a full dose of surfcasting to help you through the winter doldrums, here it is! Surf Day offers high quality seminars and workshops throughout the day, see our “Who Is Coming” page for profiles of the speakers. We also have great vendors; plugbuilders, factory representatives, tackle shops and much more available. There is a cafeteria available as well. Every child under 10 is free. All kids get something from the JSS. Go to “Who Is Coming” and “Seminar Schedule” pages for more info.

Tickets will be available at door.
No advanced ticket sales.


We have an amazing lineup planned for this year.

Here is the list of prizes we had last year. We are planning on going above and beyond this year:
1. ZeeBaas Reel Z25 and Fiberstar Rod
2. GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition video camera
3. Van Staal Pliers and Sheath
4. Pelican 35QT Elite Cooler
5. Tom Lynch Framed Photograph-Midnight Striper
6. A MAK DJ Muller Edition Set-Up (MAK surfbelt with two MAK 2-tube belt bags)
7. Hand-Built Century Sling Shot 1267
8. StormR Surf Top or Stryker Jacket, hat, and gloves
Door Prizes: (so far)
D-Mag swimmer
…and lots more.

The Jersey Shore Surfcasters look to bring in the best surfcasters and speakers to our show. We also strive for diversity, fresh speakers, not those that how up at any open door. We want nothing but the best for our show visitors. This year offers another great year for speakers to the JSS’s Surf Day. Enjoy!!

Crazy Alberto Knie

Writer, Fishing Manufacturer, Artist, Photographer, World Record (line class) Holder , Seminar speaker, Pro Staff for various fishing companies, and Host of the new Tactical Angler TV show.

Alberto Knie, or better known as “Crazy Alberto Knie” is an avid angler obsessed with every facet of sportfishing. From South America to North America in freshwater and salt, from the surf or boat, with bait or artificials, “Crazy Alberto” has experienced it all and his specialty is trophy Striped Bass fishing from the Surf.

John Skinner

John Skinner is the author of the books Striper Pursuit, Fishing the Bucktail, and A Season on the Edge, and a contributing writer to the book The Hunt for Big Stripers. He is the long-time Surf Fishing Columnist and former Editor-in-Chief of Nor’east Saltwater Magazine. He has written many articles for Nor’east Saltwater, On the Water, and The Surfcaster’s Journal. His videos on the John Skinner Fishing YouTube channel are known to anglers worldwide. He is the creator of the fishing log software, FishersLog. Skinner is a frequent speaker at outdoor shows and has a well-earned reputation as a consistent producer of trophy striped bass from the surf. He holds the current New York State false albacore record. When not plying the beaches, he can often be found fishing from his kayak, or Scuba diving in Long Island Sound.

DJ Muller

DJ Muller is one of NJ’s top surfcasters, and one of the most rounded and experienced surfcasters in the northeast. He is also a surf guide, outdoor writer and author of three surfcasting books. “The Surfcasters Guide to the Striper Coast,” “Striper Strategies,” and his latest “Striper Tales.”  DJ also writes a regular column for the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine.

Targeting the best waters on the east coast DJ has fished for stripers as far reaching as the beaches of Hatteras to the coast of Maine. Over the last 20 years DJ has built an extensive track record at targeting striper at places like Martha’s Vineyard, the Cape Cod Canal, Cuttyhunk, Block Island, Montauk, just to name a few.  He runs guided trips each year to various destinations, working with aspiring surfcasters looking to get an edge on the learning curve. The surfcasters he guides learn firsthand from one of the most passionate ‘Cow Chasers’ on the northeast.

DJ will be doing a seminar on the techniques and strategies for catching large stripers from the surf using bunker chunks. DJ has caught a long list of big bass from the Jersey sand including two 50 pounders and numerous 40 pound stripers using various chunking tactics he’s learned over the years. His presentation will include areas to target, proper equipment and proper bait selection and preparation.

DJ is one of the founding member and currently president of the JSS.

Bill Jakob

Fishing for Stripers for past 45 years at Montauk, orient and north and south forks of Long Island I live stuck next to one of the great inlets for bass fishing on Long Island. I have work on commercial, party boat and charter boats for last forty years Working with some of the best striper fishermen on the east coast. I’ve been on the Van Staal pro team since 2001

Jimmy Fee

Jimmy Fee grew up surf fishing throughout New Jersey, but after taking a job with On The Water Magazine in 2008, Jim moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Jim fishes more than 250 days a year throughout the Northeast, chasing everything from small pond pan fish to Great Lakes steelhead to offshore tuna and billfish. His favorite pursuit is that of striped bass in the surf.

Bill Wetzel

Bill Wetzel is a NYS licensed guide, and host of, with over 35 years experience, more than 15 of those guiding the suds. You may find Bill hunting stripers in the back bays of Long Island’s North shore or the sandy beaches of the south shore, but his true passion is prowling the rocks of Montauk hunting for big fish. Bill has been on the lecture circuit for many years, and has written articles for various fishing publications. He is often referred to as the “hardest working guide” in the business. Bill just doesn’t talk about surf fishing he does it for a living.

Pat Perrotto

Pat Perrotto is a Jersey Shore native with over 16 years of surfcasting experience. His pursuit of striped bass have brought him to legendary and challenging waters all over the Northeast. From the jetties of Monmouth County where he first learned to surfcast to the boulder fields of New England, Perrotto loves the hunt of the striper. One of his favorite ways to search for bass is to find them in unsuspecting, seldom fished water. When not fishing, Perrotto builds his own custom surf rods.

Jon Shein

“At the birth of modern kayak fishing Jon Shein’s KFS was a repository of information and instruction that fostered the development of fishing kayaks and accessories,” Kayak Angler Magazine, Summer/Fall 2013.

“Jon Shein has done more to foster the growth of kayak fishing on the east coast than probably any other one man,” Carl Bruger Hudson River Fisherman’s Association.

Jon started kayak fishing in the late 90s and got involved in a big way. He’s worn many of the hats one can wear in the sport. He’s logged over 1000 days on the water from Alaska to Baja to the Caribbean up to New England with the majority in NJ and NY waters and Florida. He’s done so from over 75 different kayak models and has caught over 100 species of fish from a kayak. He’s a NJ native and knows the local kayak fishing well. Besides catching most of our local fresh and saltwater species he’s also caught tarpon, bonefish, billfish, tuna, redfish, snook, dorado, halibut, salmon, bull sharks and many other exotic species using spin, conventional and fly gear. Jon has over 20,000 forum posts, has authored hundreds of articles and is author of “Kayak Fishing”, the most comprehensive book on the subject.

Jon will be speaking about kayak fishing in our local waters. He’ll discuss equipment and environments so you will understand both.

Frank Mihalic

Frank Mihalic is a well traveled and versatile fisherman.  His hard working, simple style is one that we can all easily relate to. Frank has been a frequent contributing writer to The Fisherman Magazine and others over the past twenty years. He specializes in adapting his tackle and gear to effectively fish each area under any conditions. Equally comfortable with spinning, plug or fly tackle, he fishes sod banks, rocks, or an open beach with tackle that matches conditions. His seminar “Tying and Fishing Surf Teasers” is an interactive approach, sharing the tools and tricks so that you can easily design and tie your own teasers. Learn how to make your own custom leaders that will eliminate fouling and add distance to the end of every cast.  Frank is the founding President of the South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers.

Jason Szabo

Jason Szabo, a 25-year-old resident of Brick town New Jersey has spent the better portion of his life perusing striped bass. His main focus is on targeting striped bass in New Jersey’s back bays. From the shallow salt marshes to the inlets of New Jersey, Jason explores it all. Jason’s true passion is targeting fish on light tackle; he spends countless days/nights hunting for patterns and other variables that created the successful fishermen that he is. Having spent over ten years working in tackle shops, he has a wealth of knowledge that he uses in the field to help explain, and teach people, how to become a more successful and passionate striped bass angler.

Matt Risser

I started surfishing around 2002 in an earnest way. I have fished locations primarily on the east coast: up and down the NJ, South Carolina, Martha’s Vineyard, Montauk, Cuttyhunk, and the Cape Cod Canal to name a few, with my favorite locations in MA. I enjoy all types of surfishing from a summer day with the family on the beach for fluke, to an all-nighter in a wetsuit standing on a rock. I am a “self-taught” surfisherman and while there is no substitute for time on the water, I do enjoy reading, researching, and working on my craft in various ways. I have two boys that are now 9 and 12, and have been fishing with them for about 6 years. They are developing a love for the sport and expertise that I could only dream of at their age.

Tim Risser

Surfishing has been a part of my life since the mid-80s when my father took the family on day trips to Assateague Island and then took off in earnest in 1998 when I learned that catching fish on artificial lures and flies was possible. I have fished extensively throughout the east coast from South Carolina to Maine with focused time spent in Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras, Susquehanna Flats, IBSP, Sandy Hook, Montauk, Cuttyhunk, and Martha’s Vineyard to name a few. I enjoy about any form of surfishing from soaking bait, to plying the back bays, to hardcore wetsuiting. In addition I also enjoy writing about my saltwater experiences. I have been published in On The Water and on Van Staal’s web page, and several other outdoor web publications. I am first a student of the sport and appreciate the time highly talented surfisherman have spent nurturing my skills. I have two girls 11 and a son 8 who have been surfishing for 5 years now.

6 comments on “Jersey Shore Surfcasters Surf Day this weekend

  1. David Strom

    Can’t make it AGAIN! Son has Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, which I don’t enjoy much, but it’s a Dad thing.

    Zeno, looks like you’re not coming to the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Somerset NJ this year? Saw you there last year.

    Hope the Surf Day show is good for you & everyone who can attend.

  2. Don R

    Great Day!
    It’s funny seeing all these guys, Skinner, Z, Bill W, so many times on u-tube and here on SCJ, I walked up to Don Musso and greeted him like we were long time friends!!


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