Super Strike E.T. Popper Giveaway ( for subscribers only)

A very manageable day today with absolutely no complains, crowds or lines,  and many happy people about giveaways later in the a day. I’ll fill you in on it inn few days but today a special giveaway

Super Strike E.T. Popper (yeah,  we saved you one) , compliments of Super Strike Lures

We are going to do this the old fashion way, just put “ I want ET popper”  in the comment box. We’ll pick a winner on Wed night?

One rule only, you have to be a subscriber to SJ as of today with active subscription to be eligible to win. Yeah, because you are special. If you signed up at Striper Day, you are also eligible to enter.

More of these type of giveaways coming up

Hope everyone got home safestriperday2017promo

302 comments on “Super Strike E.T. Popper Giveaway ( for subscribers only)

  1. mark d

    i want et popper….seems kinda demanding doesn’t it ? of course that will appeal to the millennials

    thks for the chance and look fwd to next issue

  2. TonyF

    Glad to hear the show went so well. I had a prior engagement so I couldn’t make this one. I’m in for the lure giveaway. Good job Z!!!!!!

  3. Richard Cantwell

    E.T. Phone home!!
    Yes, I want E.T. Popper!
    Thanks for all of your hard work leading up to great weekend, really loved the seminars.
    Rick Cantwell

    1. zhromin Post author

      are you a magazine subscriber? reason we ask is i cant find anyone in database with your email address?

  4. Mike

    Yes I am a subscriber. Did it this morning. Invoice #REG26 / 01/17/17 . Great show on Saturday BTW. I am new to the sport and found the show and seminars very helpful, overwhelming and stimulating at the same time. Thank you for all you do for the sport.

  5. Daniel Lopes

    sorry for the double entry, didn’t see that the first attempt went through, and I would appreciate vip entry, nothing worse than standing in line for hours to be 5th inline to the table selling out while hearing guys walking away with the goods you wanted talking about only going for the opportunity to flip and trade the plugs… SMH!


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