Big weekend coming up for SJ readers

Lots of stuff going on at SJ as you can imagine including the new issue # 41 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine. I know Tommy is burning the midnight oil trying to get it done. He was sick for few days and that delayed at a little but I think we are on track now. Look for it in few days

Obviously while he is doing that, I am trying to pull together few brain cells that I have left and finish organization of a Striper Day this Saturday.

I won’t bore you with details, I have already done it few times. One thing, something that we will surely revisit after the Striper Day is something thats been bugging me last few days. I will admit that I do not understand the custom plug craze although i respect the craft tremendously. My point is you wont find me in the line for plugs but I don’t hate on those that do. In fact, if that what makes you happy, go for it. However, I do find it  interesting that most dudes that bitch and moan about not getting goodie bags at Striper Day because they want to get there early and get plugs to flip are not SJ subscribers. In fact every one I checked against out database is not a subscriber but they are sure vocal about how we should run the show and what they should get for coming.

Which made me say, hmmmmm, wait a minute. If we do this again in 2018, maybe , just maybe we should only allow SJ subscribers to enter from let’s say 8 30 to 10 30 ! Why not? After all, we did this show with you in mind last year and you will always be our number one priority. I really like that idea. SJ VIP treatment..haha

One thing that we changed this year,  to make it more comfortable for our guests, is in addition to 11AM tackle giveaway….. we eliminated just about all head ” tables” inside the Multi Purpose Room to ad a little more browsing room.

Anyway, today I will share few last minute things, Seminar schedule, Raffle line up and details about giveaways.


The goodie bags from our sponsors….including minimum of two lures in each bag will be given with paid admission  to those that come AFTER 11 AM . There is no giveaways from 8 30 to 11 AM. We have 400 bags, once they are gone they are gone. This year is Super Strike, Al Gag’s, Jetty Ghost, Hogy, SPRO, Gamakatsu, Otter tails55F0FBF0-B8F9-4FF8-BC41-0FAA5098458A98f61038-19cb-47ba-bfe9-fbc4053b4da7 71d75de0-1d37-468c-964e-556fe87cc2a6 78fb20b7-cefa-4828-918d-5d123ff11dcc

1F5D5C62-3778-464A-890E-9856125C8773In addition, Steve Musso from Super Strike had made approximately 50 special E.T. 1.5OZ SS floating poppers. Those poppers are randomly inserted into 400 giveaway bags. I have no idea where they are and I packed them! It could be in any of the bags. Absolutely random so no need to line up in lobby to get one. Its going to be a  luck of a draw. We will leave one for a raffle and one for a giveaway on the blog after the Striper Daystriperday2017promo

Raffle line up is quite awesome this year. Stop by SJ Rafle table and check it out. This year winner doe NOT need to be present. Fill out an oversize Raffle ticket with your name and phone # and if you win, we will contact you to arrange pick up.

2017 StriperDay Raffle Prizes

Van Staal VR 200 Reel
FSC Predator Surf Rod
Pelican 50 Qt cooler
XS10MS  Lamiglas Graphite Surf and Jetty Rod
St Croix Triumph Travel 10′  Rod
Costa Del Mar polarized glasses (multiple pairs)
Angry Fish Barnwood Framed striper picture
Guppy Lure Co Set of Lures
A Dozen Magic man’s Bucktails
Pelican 32 oz tumbler
Rockhopper Surf Belt
Hansom Pliers
Assorted SPRO & Gamakatsu Hats and Shirts & Bucktails.
Assorted Deadly Dicks
Assorted Yo-Zuri Lures/Fluorocarbon & Braid
Assorted SpoolTek Lures
Assorted Fat Cow Jig Strips
Korkers Cleats (you pick the type)
Super Strike E.T. popper

And lastly a seminar schedule that includes two short striped bass films. I am not only proud that we are featuring these films but I am particularly proud that we will have some new blood doing seminars this year like Al Albano and Pete Utsching

Striper Day 2017 Seminar Schedule

Main Theater

9 30 AM-10 45 AM

John Skinner

Foundations of Surfcasting Success

11:15- 11:45 AM

Steven Gallant presents Short Surfcasting Film

One Trick Ponies

12:15- 12:45PM

Lonely Osprey Production presents Short Surfcasting Film 

Between The Lines- Fly Fishing for HUGE Striped Bass

1:15 AM- 2: 30 PM

Dante Soriente

Fishing Artiificials from Sand to boulders

3 PM – 4 15PM

Bill Jakob

Montauk Tides, Winds & Structture

Seminar Room 143 (limited seating)

10 :10:45AM

Pete Utsching

Fishing the “Hard”  Bite


Al Gag’s

Cape Cod Canal with soft plastics

12:30 to 1:15 PM

Dave Anderson

Next Level Plugging

2PM : 2:45 PM

Bill Wetzel

Trophy Moons, Montauk Style- Advanced Caster class

3:15- 4 PM

Al Albano

Early Spring Bass in the Back Bays

All the info can be found at

See you there


16 comments on “Big weekend coming up for SJ readers

  1. Jerry A

    Yes, that’d be awesome, SCJ subscribers only for the first hour- think of the business potential for you guys. I’m sure folks would sign up simply to get in earlier. THEN maybe some of them would read the articles about not spot burning, or respecting catch and release, or not blinding people with headlights or headlamps, etc. Win Win Win I think.

  2. TonyF

    Good luck tomorrow and thanks for all your efforts. I’ll be coming in the afternoon to miss the crowd and catch the later seminars. I have no need for the pretty plugs.

  3. BigFish

    Takers in this world……its full of them!! Take, take, take and never giving back! I think you should do exactly as you say Zeno!

  4. BigFish

    PS-Many signed up to join SWLCC just to get in the show early on Friday members only night! They don’t care about the club at all…..just take, take, take!

  5. Rich Cantwell

    You speak of all the people who want to get there early to buy custom plugs and then bitch because they are not getting a goodie bag. How about people like myself who could care less about these plugs(I fish with plugs I do not frame them on a wall) but are looking forward to hearing John Skinner give a seminar. I would gladly miss out on the freebies to hear John, but why should I? I am a loyal subscriber, how about starting lectures after 11:00?

    1. zhromin Post author

      We cant start lectures that late. We only would have time to have few seminars. In prefect world there would be shopping from 8 to noon and seminars afterward but its not realistic.

    2. zhromin Post author

      btw..something I just realized. You can come at 11 and still miss out on a goodie bag if a lot of people decide to do that. Not likely but possible

  6. Mark dacey

    I’m a scj subscriber and can’t make it to new York for striper day maybe next year you guys could look into selling raffle tickets online to your subscription holders because I’d like a chance at that raffle just throwing the idea out there.

  7. Ted C

    Who doesn’t love VIP treatment??? Do it! Freebies aside– it’s a neat way for subscribers to meet each other. Wish I could make it this weekend… NY is far for me, but I’ll make a future show for sure. Best of luck this year, and thanks for all the work you guys put in.

  8. jimmy z

    Good luck with the show Z
    I can’t make it, just too far coming from Ct.
    Maybe just give the goodie bags to members.

  9. vito orlando

    Z, you guys at SJ do a Hell Of A Job. Don’t worry about the Nay Sayers, just keep up the good work. C U later today.


  10. Brian Murphy

    Great idea for the future for early admission forSJ subscribers and great marketing tool to lure new subscribers!
    Brian Murphy


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