9 comments on “Surfcaster’s Journal Online magazine new issue is up

  1. RHT

    In the winter, some people wait for the SI swimsuit edition. I wait for my issue of Surfcaster’s magazine. Counting the days until spring.

    1. zhromin Post author

      the current one because I have not announced it yet
      the past ones? Not sure what you mean by that
      please explain

  2. Paul

    You never seem to post the winner of the contest after it is over,have seen other people say the same thing.Winner not posted for view.

    1. zhromin Post author

      you are right.
      We no longer post winners. The app picks a winner and I contact him for email address.
      take a look at this week giveaway on FB

      Also with exception of ET giveaway we no longer do giveaways with “I am in”
      It proved to be to difficult for some people to READ the instructions on blog in order to enter. So now we use app to do it.


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