STRIPERTHON TAG is on the blog

We have to apologize for our email servers crashing trying to send a STRIPERTHON TAG to all subscribers at once
if you did not get the TAG its right here on our blog
Again, our apologies for this slight delay

It never fails, even when you try to do something to raise awareness of importance of conservation and to promote catch and release, you still manage to screw things up. This was all on me. Never in my wildest dreams (Kate is usually front and center there) did I anticipated that half way tough sending 1600 emails the server would crash in middle of process. …Three times!
Leaving us clueless of who got the email with a TAG and who didn’t (and some of you got all three emails)
Again, my bad here. Kick me next time you see me. But its here on the blog now. Print it, download the graphic to your phone and go fishing.
I will be here when you get back. Popping Zantax..or was it Prozac?

after this snafu I might have to invest in some “protection”?


4 comments on “STRIPERTHON TAG is on the blog

  1. sioca

    Z, chill with the panic…everything is OK!!!

    Got the tags – 4 of ’em.

    Z, I know the prices are excellent, but is everyone going to be packing like those to dudes?

    Nothing says -THIS IS MY SPOT – more clearly!!! GeeeZZZZZ….

  2. Matt

    The tags worked out just fine… I was slinging snakes through the night for not even a bump, so I didn’t even really need a tag anyway! Hope you guys faired better than I… Best of Luck to everyone this weekend!

  3. Charlie_P

    You got it figured out faster than the government figured out the Obama-care website that cost taxpayers millions!


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