STRIPERTHON 2013 Countdown

I want to spend few moments today on the upcoming  STRIPERTHON 2013, starting tomorrow at 5 PM. I hope you enjoy a little friendly competition. The rules , they really are simple so let’s go over some of them.

Use your measuring tape. I would suggest the bigger numbers are better. Do not put the tape on top of the fish. We will disqualify your entry immediately. Lay it alongside of fish.

Please do not keep fish out of the water for too long. And if you are alone, self shot of you and the fish is fine. Partial face/fish is ok too. Selfi for those of you cool kids are ok

Do not send any entries without SJ TAG being clearly visible in the picture. If we have to blow up picture in Photoshop to read numbers or tag, it’s getting disqualified.

You must be a subscriber at no later than 4pm this Friday  to be eligible to compete. The TAG will be emailed to you at 5PM.

This is basically the gist of it. For complete rules go here

Please read them, we will not except any ” I was under the impression or I misunderstood ” explanations. You have a question, ask it here. Will we try to update the leader board over the weekend? Possibly but if we are away than you’ll have to wait till Sunday. We would like to fish too you see. Just because we try to do this so you boys can have fun that does not mean we can’t have a little fun, right?

One quick note, the winner on St Croix Avid surf rod will receive the model we used for testing purposes. It’s a almost new rod with barely a scratch on it. St Croix offered to send a new rod but I declined. Why not use this perfectly good almost new rod instead of St Croix spending hundreds more dollars and shipping on another? I know they are a big Co but their money don’t grow on trees either. Those boys work hard to. And I am anal when it comes to what I perceive “wasting” money. In my opinion that would be a waste. So now you are fully informed

here is a TAG

We had a problem with email system crashing so if you did not get a tag in the email here it is


9 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2013 Countdown

  1. Chris A

    For the Tsunami Elite Surf rod photo contest. How many photo can you send in. Looks like you said Shots as in more then one.


  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Just bought a huge soft tape measure at Micheals crafts for $3. Bright yellow with large numbers. Now if the fishing gods allow me to catch something to lay it next to.

  3. Mark M

    Surfcaster’s Journal is taking publication of “our” sport of surfcasting to the next level.
    I have watched the level of commitment Zeno applies to this publication while climbing whether climbing rocks, walking endless beaches searching for photos or taking advantage of fishing opportunities while casting into the surf.

    Zeno continues to be a personal inspiration, especially each time I have watched him fish in various conditions. I can’t say “fished with” because I always look like a googan next to him, LOL

    I implore everyone who enjoys reading Surfcaster’s Journal to spread the good word and continue to support them.

    Thanks again to everyone in the organization who contributes each issue !

  4. CTMatt

    Ooops…just found the sentence I needed.
    So all subscribers will have a tag emailed to them tonight at 5pm? i think I got it.

  5. Michael

    I signed up for subscription today but apparently your site didnt take my info allong with my creditcard info. For the future I wanted to know would the 6 issues for 20 bucks qualify me for this type of tournament? Or do you have to purchase the 2 year subscription kinda new to the journal but enjoy what ive seen so far thanks! ! Happy fishing


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