Leader board

In case you are wondering what is the best way to take a picture for your STRIPERTHON entry take a look at this submission by Ryan

Awesome clarity making my life sooooo much easier



Leaderboard going into 5 pm deadline

Jake Naso 38 inch

Carlos Casas 37 inch

Sean Kearney 37 inch

Frank Concalves 37 inch

Michael Thorthon 36 inch fish




enjoy and good luck to all of you

3 comments on “Leader board

  1. Vic DAnnunzio ( olskool )

    DE JA VOUS men , DE JA VOUS !!!!!! THe tip of this iceburg started five years ago . BUT, noitbody wanted to listen. NOW we are starting to count your hits…….! Get used tooooo it!

  2. CTMatt

    I had the same problem as Richard. Had my car packed to head to RI and I was dead out of ink. $85 later and an hour of tide wasted I wound up having to sharpie my tag because my printer torpedoed. Caught two rats going out now again at 3am lol


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