STRIPERTHON 2013 results

Looks like STRIPERTHON 2013 went without a hitch this year. We are hoping to expand the format next year. Some of our sponsors like Guppy Lures and Pelican  for example, wanted to help out with prizes but we purposely decided to make this small after last years, shall we say, challenging experience.

There were enough fish landed to be excited but as you can see, even although we have some of the sharpest minds in the surf fishing world reading the Surfcaster’s Journal, catching a fish this season has been difficult for them too. We fished with many of the sharpies over the weekend and the cry was the same, terrible season from coast to coast. They say that you should not count your chickens before they hatch so I think we should wait to see what NJ will experience this fall. The hope is that sand eels will draw bass in crazy numbers like few years ago. I can show you sand ells up to ying-yang on Long Island for a month now and sadly the only thing eating them tiny blues…and seals

But back to celebrating accomplishments of our readers, there will be plenty of time to reflect on our season at a later date. Right now I would like to thank our sponsors for making STRIPERTHON 2013 possible. Without them and their continued support we would have never been able to move out of our grandma’s basement and into the executive SJ offices at Trump Tower. Ha-ha…hey a man can dream. So thank to ZeeBaaS Reels, a reel makers whose conservation ethics are as strong as ours. Same could be said for Super Stake Lures, St Croix Rods and folks from Hansom Tackle.

Thank You all

Here is your list of winners. Each winner please contact us with your shipping address and we will forward it to our sponsors for a fulfillment. Thank you again for your participation and go get them..there is still a lot of fishing to be done


1st ZeeBaaS Reel Jake Naso 38 inch

2nd St Croix Rod Carlos Casas 37 inch

3rd Hansom Tackle Knife/Pliers/Heath pack Sean Kearney 37 inch

4th Super Strike Lures set Frank Concalves 37 inch

5th SJ gear Michael Thornton 36 inch



22 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2013 results

  1. BigJim

    Congrats to the winners I wish I land something not even a schoolie for me next week sould be even more difficult Thanks SJ for the opportunity

  2. Elden Ip

    Tough fishing, they were around in my area last week but of course when I need them theyre none to be found. As a curiosity, how many fish in total were submitted and also was there a trend as to where the larger fish and the vast majority of the fish were submitted? Thanks.

  3. Birdshark

    Hey SJ Crew,

    Jake here. I’m still in shock, but I want to thank you guys for having a contest like this and the sponsors for putting up such amazing prizes. As a 99% catch and release guy, this is the only kind of contest I would really consider doing. It would be great if more contests followed your format. My trusty Penn Z reels will always hold a place in my heart , but that ZeeBaaS is going to feel pretty awesome in my hands.

    Thanks again,

    1. Birdshark

      Sorry, I hit send too soon. And congrats to the other guys on the leader board. We were all very close. Well done guys.


  4. Carlos Casas

    This is Carlos….Thank you SJ!! I would also like to thank the sponsors and Zeno. Absolutely right on with the sea robbins…I snagged a couple with the diamond jig. Congrats Jake and to the guys on the leader board. Thank you St. Croix!!.


  5. DonR

    If the fish aren.t in NY and there not down here, where the hell are they? Local tourney has only had 5 fish weighed so far and it started Oct 6th!
    Congrats to the winners, you guys musta worked hard for your catch and are very deserving.
    Don, NJ

  6. sioca

    Congratulations to all the winners and also to SJ and crew for putting this tourney together.

    Hope this is not a sign of what is perhaps, really, becoming far too apparent…

  7. Montauk gal

    That’s my nephew up there in 1st place !!
    We fished hard in Montauk – he left for fire island and stuck gold !
    Nice contest !!!

  8. CTMatt

    I learned a lot through this brief tournament and cranking it up to 11 on my hunt for linesiders was a blast. Had some funny experiences, caught a few fish just short of the leaderboard and got to meet a few new folks in the process. I am shocked one fish could get you a premium reel! Thanks to the sponsors who stepped up to give this tournament some zip. Personally I had selfie problems in my shot but I vow to practice.

  9. Bob

    Congrats guys
    Any chance of posting info on type of lure, time of day or tide that the winners caught on? Not looking for spots just technical info.

  10. Matt H

    Congrats to the winners… you guys certainly deserve it, as it was tough to find fish this weekend. I got skunked two nights in a row eeling in a spot that consistently has held fish this time of year in that past. Thanks also to Z and the entire SJ crew… It was a great weekend in any event and one that I’ll look forward to every year. Thanks also to all the sponsers… not too many contests can your release a fish and still walk away with a brand new Zeebas!!!

  11. Brendan

    I for one had a blast, even if I didn’t catch anything of keeper size to enter. Great idea and great format. Congrats to the winners!

  12. Rick S

    I caught a fish that would have placed, but did not realize it until results published. Going to have to hone my photo and printing skills for next year!! Congrats to the winners!!!


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