Underwater…not as easy as it looks

We promised you that we are going to get better with time. Like a fine wine.
Or at least that was our hope.
One of our desires was to work on our video editing skills. As our wife would say, we show “improvement”. It’s a start …
One thing that we all wanted to do here at Surfcaster’s Journal was take more underwater footage. We love our Go Pro camera but it is hard to capture video if you cant see a darn thing until you get home.
We promised you that your donations would not be spent on fast women and cheap beer…honestly 🙂
Our number one goal was to buy a case for our HD camera and hopefully Mac down the line to edit. Mac is way out in the future but thanks to the donations from some our our subscribers and a visit to our kids piggy bank while they were at music lessons we managed to scrape enough to buy a soft marine case for our camera. Forget hard case that cost more then our kids christening……combined, this is a shoestring budget publication. It will take some time to get used to it. If you see a nutcase in the snow this winter practicing, leave me alone in my misery 🙂
One thing that will drive me up the wall is water clarity. Yesterday afternoon I grabbed my son and we headed to a local bridge to try underwater taping for the first time. Water, after few days of NW wind looked perfectly clear (and cold)….from the above. Only when I got home I seen that water had gazillion particles suspended in the water. We might have to take a road trip to the Keys or Vegas to do some lure testing…Now if we can only talk our wives into that…
Seriously guys and dolls, thanks for sending your $10,$20 or whatever you have sent us as a token of your appreciation for what we do. It ads up and helps us get some things to improve our publication
a quick video with some of the underwater footage….it will require a lot of practice…Mike Laptew has nothing to worry about

9 comments on “Underwater…not as easy as it looks

  1. Ron D

    I feel your pain on both fronts!
    Both underwater video and editing are harder than they look.
    Seeing lures underwater is cool though. It’s nice to see them from the same perspective as a fish.

  2. Vin

    Nice job Zeno. I wouldn’t worry too much about the water clarity – I think it actually adds to the feel of the piece.

  3. Tony Marchisotto

    One suggestion re water clarity… you may want to video these segments in the Bahamas. You could also include pretty girls in Bikinis, fishing the lures. Maybe Tommy in a Speedo brief! Very Hot! 🙂

    Really Z What you have is very Nice.


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