SS winner and upcoming issue #6 of the SJ Mag

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend…when it comes the time for Asbury and Berkley shows, you know spring is just around the corner…

I will be at Berkley tomorrow while Tommy will join me next weekend at Asbury. More than anything I am looking forwards to seeing many of my friends. Stop by the table and say hi.

Unfortunately, the MAC has been sitting at my desk all week, never even had a chance to power it up. Today was my first chance, Darn, this is going to take some time. Any of our readers familiar with final cut express? I’d gladly pay for a tutorial….I am not the type to watch tutorials on YouTube

Tommy has been burning the midnight oil putting finishing touches on Issue #6 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. With all the hours that dude put in the dark…Charlie Sheen would be proud.

Few more days, we are just coming trough it for some last minute adjustment. I like it a lot, it has a little bit for everyone, fly fisherman, plug ho, beach buggy, food and yes, even some timely spring advice. Here is a list of contributors: John Skinner, Bill Wetzel, Manny Moreno, Dennis Zombratta, John Papciak, Lou Caruso, Dave Anderson, Andrew Chase, Kevin and Keith White, Nicola Zingarelli, Pat Abate, Gary Soldati, Don Giumelli, Russ “Big Rock” Paoline, Paul Apostolides (also known at Paulie’s of, Toby Lapinski, DJ Muller, William “Doc’ Muller, Dave Dennison, Steve McKenna…(are you dizzy yet)…but there is more…Janet Massineo, Rich Troxler, Bob Popovics and Flip Pallot…yes, that Flip Pallot 🙂

all put together by the incredibly talented dude, our Art Director Tommy “Yo Dude” Corrigan,

Speaking of whom…we had a contest the other day where we asked you to try to guess Tommy’s favotite picture. It turns out thathios chaoice was same as mine few weeks 32

the first dude that guessed page 32 was…. RGugs87

Congrats pal

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6 comments on “SS winner and upcoming issue #6 of the SJ Mag

  1. nycsteve

    Zeno writes
    “With all the hours that dude put in the dark…Charlie Sheen would be proud.”

    Charlie keeps the lights on……..

  2. whitey

    Keep up the good work ,you guy’s are doin a great job. Take your time it always comes out great. WINNING!!!!!!!

  3. Tony Marchisotto

    Thanks for the shot at that new super strike. The new issue sounds awesome can’t wait to read it!


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