Good Monday..if there is such a thing

Then again, any day you wake up it’s a great day. How many of you are taking a peak at to see if new issue is up ? C’mon, you can admit it 🙂

Sometimes in the next 24 or so hours baring any major screw ups.

I took my son with me at the Berkley show yesterday. After worrying about waking him up so early and driving  for 2 hours to Tom’s River he was remarkably into it. In fact he asked if he can come again, something that melts the heart of this old geezer who always feels like time spent with kids is insufficient.

He got a kick out of taking a picture with NJ Custom Lure Builder Russ “Big Rock” Pauline. If you remember, we profiled Big Rock in our first issue.


The show attendance was down as it is with every show in last year or two. I feel the economy has a great deal to do with this. I just don’t think people have money to spend on hobbies, Not when you paying a $3.80 for gas and as of this morning a oil is up another $2 to $106 a barrel. You should see gas at $4.00 a gallon in few days.

Only few tables were crowded, nothing like the old days of plug insanity but still noticeable more crowded than any others. RM Smith was definitely feeling love of the crowd. The remarkable thing was that Ryan walked around the room, never spending a moment behind the table. Jig Man , East end Lou and the rest of the crew took care of customers. It was good to see so many guys, Charlie at Choopy, Billy at RuRu, Don at Afterhours, Guppy Lures boys, Kevin from Greenpoint, Larry from North Bar and many more. Seeing fly fishing great Bob Popovics and chatting with his is a special treat. Having him tell us that he is so proud what we have done with a magazine was a cherry on the top of the cake..

All in all a good day…next week Tommy and I will be at Asbury but right now, trying to make sure the issue #6 of the most awesome publication in universe is ready to go, all 200 plus pages. Tommy got few surprises for you, can’t WAIT till you guys lay your eyes on some special pages

8 comments on “monday….

  1. CTMatt

    I’ll say Russ still scares the crap out of me. He is a guy whose line i fear to cross in the surf. I’d just hand my gear over and say “see ya later” lol

  2. Anthony Rich

    It’s already over $4.00 gal in Westchester. Paid $4.01 and $4.11 for super this weekend UGH.
    Driving to seminar cost about $40 with gas and tolls.
    I know, I should stay in Westchester and fish, heard it before!

  3. Nick

    Looks like a cool dude, probably don’t wanna piss him off though. Looking forward to the next issue Z, I hope I don’t read the whole thing in one sitting like I usually do…..

  4. Ron Mattson

    Good to see you and your son at the Berkley Show. That Show needs a larger venue. I couldn’t get to most of the plug manufacturers. It took me the better part of 30 minutes to get to talk with Bill and Em.. at RuRu,but definately worth that wait.

  5. Dwight(reggaeangler)

    Hey Z who is the ole geezer you were referring to?? lol
    Nice to see you and Jr spending some quality time together man… Keep it up..

  6. Jim Hill

    Nice!!!Hope you have a good Berkley Show I look forward to seeing you at Asbury!Stop by the AOK table!Russ is a trip!Good deal your son had a good time!


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