Have a "Super " Friday

Those of you that attended the seminars know just what a pleasure it was to listen to legendary creator of Super Strike lures, Mr. Don Musso.

For those of you who are out of the area or could not attend, we made a short video clip so you can benefit from Don’s experience.

Enjoy your Friday everyone…next issue of Surfcaster’s Journal is coming up in few days


17 comments on “Have a "Super " Friday

  1. backlash

    Nothing reinforces a good point, tip, or idea like hearing it from the master. Great information here. For those who don’t know how to work or get the most out of a darter, what Don shares here is spot on! I learned a lesson the hard way my first time throwing a darter too. After getting schooled one night in Montauk, I had to learn why I was the only guy who didn’t hook up. Everybody had on a yellow darter. Me too. But I couldn’t even get a bump. (Like Don explains about his experience at Shag.) What was I doing wrong. I learned to observe my darter in the daylight so I could see what it was doing and what I was doing wrong. I learned so much that afternoon about how to make it dig in, dart, and how deep it swam. That night’s tide I felt confident that I was ready. And sure enough, I caught, bigtime. Another point that Don shares is being observant to the guys next to you AND using your senses. If your ever fortunate enough to fish next to Don, it is well worth your time to step back and watch. I learned an aweful lot buy watching for subtle differences that keep other’s rods bent while I just practiced casting. ~lol~

  2. Rich m

    it was very informitive seminar z thanks,all speakers have been great, the small setting made it more personal i feel that speakers really opened up with us thanks again

  3. njplugger

    Terrific video!

    These all have been GREAT!

    Z, Thanks so much for capturing them & making them available.

    It’s really appreciated by all of the guys who can’t make the shows.

  4. Tommy S.

    Thanks Zeno, Every bit of info the journal provides always gives me an
    edge. This was great listening to the super strike king. Us surfcasters need
    a place like the journal. Keep up the great work

  5. AnthonyRich

    That night Mr. Musso explained the color of the eyes of the needle fish.
    Red Eyes=loaded

    Which color sinks and which color floats? Cant find this in my notes. THX

    If you’ve missed these seminars they’ve been great.

  6. AnthonyRich

    Found it:
    Red Eyes=loaded (evil eyes for evil days)
    Green Eyes=Float (like a lillypad)
    Black Eyes=sink (like a piece of charcoal)

    At least this is the way I’m going to remember.

  7. Steve

    Well said!

    “Red Eyes=loaded (evil eyes for evil days)
    Green Eyes=Float (like a lillypad)
    Black Eyes=sink (like a piece of charcoal)”


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