Win Salty's Wooden Fishing Lure Building Kits

Today we have a great giveaway from one of our biggest supporter, Scott from Salty’s.
We did the story on his lure kits in the Special Holiday issue. I am amazed at just how many different kits Dude makes !
check it out
Holy Crap!
For those us you that are unlike us and can actually use a Krazy Glue without gluing your fingers together, this giveaway should give you a nice winter project. And if you have a kid, you will have a ball putting these lures together. Best of all, Salty’s stuff catches fish.
This is your chance to win small and big popper and a Danny kit.
If you haven’t emailed Mr. Gilmore yet, you only have few hours before this morning meeting and tell him not to vote for increase in commercial harvest. Dude has a Crack berry on him so I am sure he can get an email till last minute


145 comments on “Win Salty's Wooden Fishing Lure Building Kits

  1. Steve S

    I’m in. Thanks

    I built a few of his kits before I started turning my own. They are a lot of fun and yes, they do catch fish.

  2. Croaker

    I’m in!
    Salty’s kits are dead on … Surprised myself with the finished plugs.
    Received an order today. RetroTins,the best! Plug building supplies at a good price.


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