Speaking of bags…

Sometimes you forget an item because its not in front of your face. Like an old plastic Atom 40, a great plug to just hold in your hand and admire.
Lets be honest, far from eyes is far from heart, at least that what the translation of old Croatian saying would sound like.
Many of you know that Commando Surfcasting and Ebb point Surf Fishing both make a hell of a surf bag…but many of you don’t know that there is another maker that is held in equaly high regard.
He might have took brunt of the abuse in early days because he could not fill the orders fast enough. Everyone seemed wanted one of his bags.
So he lay low for awhile which enraged internet fisherman even more. You see, they already were hosed by another maker who took their money and never delivered. They assumed this guy was going to do the same.
But they were wrong, very wrong. Because they were working on something BIG
 this week MAK Surfcasting website was unveiled…and no creature was stirring, no even the mouse (or keyboard fisherman :-)).
I have heard good things about MAK bags (never actually held one yet) and the first thing that surprised me was the price…because I am cheap.
I wasn’t expecting those bags to be priced where they are, I was expecting much higher.
I never expected to see a bag maker offer a lifetime warranty.
What particularly got me excited was not necessarily all the items on his website but his plans for the future and the fact that he has more then enough bags in stock if everyone on this blog orders one. Which means no wait, no list and no promises….I like that very much
check them out at http://www.maksurfcasting.com/….we all wish them good luck
in other news
Ron from Lordship lures has an interesting monthly newsletter you can subscribe for free, A neat little thing from the prospective of a lure builder
you can find it at Lordship Lures
And last but not least.
Tom Schlichter has done it again. He produced another LI Best Fishing calendar that is a beauty. There is a lot of thought that went into making this calendar which is both informative and visually stunning. You can check it at http://outdoortom.com/

13 comments on “Speaking of bags…

  1. mark m

    Wow, the surfcasting bag business is getting pretty feirce with 3 outstanding makers in one issue. Each one is unique in their own way. Good luck out there fellas.

  2. Steve S

    I’ve been drooling over the MAK website for the last couple of days. Another thing(s) to add to the wishlist. The accessories look very well made as well. Good stuff!

  3. Steve M.

    I saw the new website on Wednesday, slept on it and pulled the trigger on the three tube yesterday. I was Order #7. It will be here Monday!!! Thanks Dave

  4. Matt Carlson

    MAk is definitely a solid bag. Ive used it for a full season now and the only casualty was cracking one tube in a fall. Great bag at a great price.

  5. Dave Anderson

    I have one of the first bags Dave from MAK made, a four tube, and I have brought it on almost every trip I’ve taken over the past three years. If I could post a pic on here I would to show you the lack of wear, I think he could offer a double lifetime warranty! I fish well over 100 nights a year and most of them are climbing rocks in the wetsuit, the bag still looks new. Almost no noticeable wear at all. Great bag.



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