Final STRIPERTHON 2010 standings

Those who did not get in touch with me yet, please do so now, tell me the prize you won and supply your shipping address

  • Grand Prize – Penn Torque rod and reel #14
  • First Prize – Van Staal FP7000 Pliers #2
  • Second Prize – Lamiglas Rod Surf and Jetty XS 10MHS rod #3
  • Third Prize – Korkers Guide Boots #4
  • Fourth Prize – 5 Salty’s Custom Plugs #11
  • Fifth Prize – 5 Super Strike Custom Plugs #1
  • Sixth Prize – 3 Lordship Lures Custom Plugs #5
  • Seventh Prize – 4 Big Water Custom Plugs #7
  • Eighth Prize – 5 Rhode Island Poppers Lures #12
  • Ninth Prize – 5 RM Smith Custom Lures # 9
  • Tenth Prize – $50 Gift Card from LI Outdoorsman #10


Grand Prize Greg Tucceri

1.     Brian Malaczewski

2.     Terence Kirby

3.     Greg Tucceri

4.     Boggie Turowski 

5.     Greg O’Driscoll 

6.     Matthew Vaccaro

7.     David Ryng

8.     Robert Bjorkgren

9.     Will Zirk

10.  Greg O’Driscoll 


pretty please 🙂

Congrats to all, I believe that you guys made STRIPERTHON 2010 the largest striped bass catch and release contest in USA in its first year

8 comments on “Final STRIPERTHON 2010 standings

  1. Vito Orlando

    Z, I may have missed something but did you ever post a list of all the winners?

    I want to wish all Pluggers, and Okay Chunkers also, a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year. Stay well all.


  2. njplugger

    Congrats to all the winners, even the non winners, all were terrific,

    Wish I could have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to have caught one for a picture.

    Maybe next year 🙂

    Thanks again to Z & Tommy for all your efforts!

  3. BassDawg

    CONGRATS to ALL!!!

    sounds like an excellent Tournament. niiiice schwag, Zeno!!

    how’s about posting sum pix of the winners, and i am curious as to the weights of the top 3 stripers?? would LOVE to participate next yr, 2011!! C&R is the weigh i’m leaning,,,,,,,,,,,save for one or two belly-fillers per year.

    this place is starting to grow on me~~~


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