Issue # 5 of the Surfcaster's Journal awaits you

Soooooo, you guys are reading the Issue # 5 of the most awesome magazine in the universe? 🙂
Our Art Director, the guru of all creative things, Mr. Corrigan has done a stupendous job once again. By the way, for those who might not know, Tommy also designed the cover of Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night for which I will be eternally grateful (amongst other things).
So we got it all going at once, one year anniversary, incredible Commando bag giveaway and now issue #5……we are cranking on all cylinders.
Actually, I think all of us could use a break.
Some of you might cringe when you receive daily SJ blog emails but here is the thought that should ease your pain. Every time you guys make a post I get an email. Ten posts, ten emails. Fifty posts, fifty emails.
Well, since we announced the giveaway last night I received 266 emails saying “I am in” plus probably a hundred other emails regarding magazine and life and junk since last night! All in all about four hundred emails in  twenty or so hours….
Wanna trade? 🙂
I hope you guys are enjoying the read and make sure you take a look at some of the videos that accompany some stories. There is some very good writing in there. For your pleasure, you might enjoy Twain or  Hemingway but for my money, give me few pages with Rich Trox thoughts and a cold Sam Adams and I am in heaven
As you can see, we are doing a little winter cleaning to the blog with repositioning ads and adding new picture to the rotating headboard. I hope you guys like them.
Unfortunately in process I must have removed the “donate” button…thanks for those of you who emailed me today looking for it to drop some spare change I the SJ bucket…its back up on the right hand side

13 comments on “Issue # 5 of the Surfcaster's Journal awaits you

  1. Nick

    Very cool, I’m gonna save it for tonight after O’reilly, grab a beer and get readin. Thanks S C J crew, who’s better than you guys(and ladies I’m sure) huh???????

  2. Jim D

    Great magazine guys!!! Some really great surf fishing articles, you really don’t find that depth of this craft in any other fishing magazine.

    Rich Trox – awesome article!!!

  3. Mark M

    Can’t sleep tonight, I am so used to going fishing early, but no fish right now I am so I am in limbo & then I see the new SJ issue to read…awsome! Winter is here again, oh brother.

  4. luca tozzi (funkyangler)

    great website …just checked out the archive with some magazine. Beautiful!!!!
    A special thanks to Zeno for his book: “The Art of …..” bought it and loved it. Lots of good info and by the end of the book seems like we became buddies…nice sense of humor and great honesty and some great funny episodes. Anyway thanks Zeno, from somebody that like you start line fishing in the adriatic….never forgot the day i fall (it was february!!!) in the port while fishng from a dock that had a hole. I was 7 years old…still fishing. Did a lot of surfcasting in the adriatic(italian side) and now here in beautiful long island. Just needed to let you know that your work is appreciated
    Happy holidays

  5. Dave W.

    Zeno, this issue for me so far is off the hook! Great article on Jay 1! Can’t wait to finish the rest.

    BTW, got home from work today and recieved my 2011 Town of Hempstead calandar. Thank you for the great shot of Kurt Stokes on the cover!


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