Some upcoming stuff and new S7 rod from CTS

We know you are waiting with baited breath for the winner of the Super Strike Custom Lures awesome three-pack of mackerel darters winner. The winner is surf zone . You have 5 days to email us at and we will forward your shipping info to great Steve Musso of the Super Strike lures.


I hope you are enjoying the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine. I think it might be our best one yet. Did you notice how everything got better once I was not involved? Remarkable how that

How do we make it better? Well, as much as I like to think we are “cool” I also know that the current and future “young guns” in the surf will want us to “keep up with times” . Please stop asking me if you can get a paper version. I tell you what, I can promise you a paper version if you promise to teach me how to put a video in the paper publication. Deal?

However we are working on few things. We are working on adding the “PRINT” feature as some of you have asked to be able to print the publication for reference on paper. But even better, we are looking into adding an “APP” for your phone or tablet (IOS and Android) so you are able to download the magazine to your device and read it offline any time you want. We are also looking into adding the ability of “pinch and zoom” on your IPad. So don’t think we don’t hear what you are saying, we do. And we will do it for you. As soon as we wrap up our regular job-wedding anniversaries-fall run fishing-kids activities-cooking-andGodknowswhat else.

We also have a bunch more videos for you coming up

Nick from Tsunami is talking about his Airwave Elite

Dave from St Croix on Avid Rods

Rich from CTS on new CTS S7 Rods

How to use manual bail reel

Lure bag storage

how to properly seat two piece rod

How to separate a “stuck” two piece rod

and more

We are also working on a concept of a coastwide weekend catch and release contests, open to only magazine subscribers with no fee nope, zero. It will be our gift to you

you will also have a chance to award your best buddy a reel which you have never seen before in such a configuration of which are only two in existence and valued well over thousand dollars..stay tuned for this huge event

You will also get a chance to win a Tsunami Elite Airwave rod for just sending us a picture from this fall run.

Since this is dedicated to be a week of video blogs, here is today entry.

We spoke to Rich from CTS Custom rods at the Fisherman Show and Seminar last week. He’s got a new rod coming out, model S7.

check it out


4 comments on “Some upcoming stuff and new S7 rod from CTS

  1. Tony Politi

    Z and Tommy, the additions that you are making are great. Is there a way to save SJ as a PDF to read on a kindle? It would be cool to have as a backup to books when on vacation, LOL


  2. rob m

    I am a new subscriber to the magazine- Thanks for a great publication specific to our sport. It is also nice to go through the archives! Great work!

  3. fishtrek

    Just thought about an old trick for keeping the two piece poles from sticking together. With the solid side wiped clean, wipe that end behind your ear. The oil/wax from your skin helps to lubricate and it is not oily to the touch, plus it is semi water resistant. Might want to try it, I have used tis trick for about 30 yrs.


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