2013 SJ Fall Run Photo Contest, sponsored by Tsunami

There are a lot of surprises we have in store for you this fall, this is just a first one. Today we will unveil a 2013 SJ Photo Contest sponsored by Tsunami .

The Rules

Send us a photo from this fall run that best depicts the Fall Striper surf experience. The only rule is “no dead fish pictures!”. Folks from Tsunami are just as concerned about the state of fisheries as we are at the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine.

What makes us fall in love with surf. The people, the places, the fish, the camaraderie, the blitzes. By entering the photo into the Surfcaster’s Journal 2013 Photo Contest, you give us the right to use the picture in the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine for promotional purposes in association with this contest.

So starting today, you can send your best shots to info@surfcastersjournal.com with “SJ photo contest 2013″ in the email subject. On November 15th, we will announce three winners. The first and second place winners will receive SJ Gear items. The First Place winner will receive a brand new 10′ 6 ” TSAWESS1062MH Tsunami Airwave Elite rod rated 1 to 3 1/2 ounce that we have recent did a video review with Lou Caruso. You know that when custom rod builder of his statue gives thumbs up to a readymade rod, it better be good.


And while we are on the subject of Tsunami Airwave rods, might as well give you the video we did last week with Nick Cicero, representative of Tsunami at The Fisherman Show & Seminar in Huntington, Long Island. Yup, we asked him about the two new “plugging” models he just released.


By the way..today is the last day you can subscribe to SJ and receive the free copy of the book HOOKED.Offer expires at midnight tonight


our friend Bob Jones has a Show this weekendwatermill2013

2 comments on “2013 SJ Fall Run Photo Contest, sponsored by Tsunami

  1. Ron Mattson Sr

    Consider myself lucky to have had excellent fishing guidance from Nick Cicero in the past. Will definately try the new ‘airwave’.


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