SJTV Preview video

As promised, here is a preview of SJ TV debuting on January 20th for the subscribers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine.

I will be quiet now and listen to what you guys have to say


27 comments on “SJTV Preview video

  1. James M

    Wow looks great!! So excited for the show! I thought the baitfishing part was really cool, what a nice fish!! Happy holidays to you guys.

  2. Pistol pete

    All that in one episode??? Holy crap save
    Stories for the second date!!! Hahaha
    Fantastic work… You guys are true pioneers

  3. Joe GaNun

    Looks great Zeno, you and Tommy should be proud. I hope it snows on Jan 20th so I can watch the whole 30 minutes without any distractions. Bill’s hat is approaching “awesome”

  4. Mike Barina

    Living on the ND/MN border,,, I’m a long way from the surf but love the Journal and looking forward to the full length vid.

  5. Jeffrey Kellish

    Looks great SJ. Can’t wait for the full episode. Have a lucky hat that is almost as perfectly broken in as Bill’s. Have to hide it from the wife or it will mysteriously disappear along with its mojo.

  6. Jim

    The Best just keeps on getting better !! 🙂
    As a suggestion, I’d like to see a caption that tells the general location of the scene, like LI, BI, RI, Jersey, CT, Cutty, etc. just to help us with the lay of the land in some otherwise unfamiliar areas.

  7. ceehawk

    nice video, enjoyed it and to all you guys who make these videos and to all fellows may you all have a wonderful Xmas and a happy new year may Santa leave you a new plug in your stocking.


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