Merry Christmas


I want to wish all our readers and their families a joyous, happy and Merry Christmas. I hope Santa took care of all the items on your wish list. And even if he forgot a thing or two, take a look around and see those happy faces around you, on your kids and loved ones. That is why we live for

I am often asked where I find the time to do all the things. My answer is simple, I find a time because you, our readers , are worth the extra effort. Its a two way street. We try our best to give you as much of ourselves as we can without encroaching on any family time which always comes first. You in turn tell us that you appreciate it. Which makes us want to work even harder…its a vicious cycle

But its one I would  trade for anything in this world. Ok, I would probably dump you all for a date with Ms. Upton but that is not happening so we are kind of stuck together. Seriously, during this season where many of us are reflecting on our lives, and looking back on our year, I am most thankful for my supportive family, my friends and you guys that support us and make all the hard work worth the effort. So thank you again for being a part of what we do and we wish you all continued success in the surf and life in 2015.

Tune in on the blog tomorrow for a print giveaway from our friend Crazy Alberto and winner of Rock hopper Surf Belt.fv rfdvc

I am not sure if I ever wrote a blog that is this kind of personal and almost (only almost because everything i do is SJ related) unrelated to SJ but here it goes. Maybe all these holiday lovey-dovey is getting to me?

Are any of our readers or subscribers either from Vero Beach/Sebastian Inlet area or do they fish these areas frequently and have some knowledge about them? Feel free to drop me a line at

I need to pick someones brain about a possible trip to sunshine state. Hit me up if you got time.

Number two..anyone has issues with entering the giveaways? Someone emailed me that they have to keep putting their email every time. Obviously i cant know of any issues unless you tell me so feel free to chime in. if you have any issues with blog or giveaways, we need to know so we can fix it, even if it is just an annoyance to you.

Number three is even more personal but hey, with, mights as well toss it out there too. You have to understand that I never went to college ( I did go to HS or more accurately AROUND HS for the most part……lol) never mind interviews or internships. I am like a bull, you give me a task, i complete it. Not very refined in any way

I lift thing up, then I put them down (as that commercial goes)

I got a kid who is freshman at StonyBrook University. Kid is obsessed with Wall Street, economics,semiconductors, Fed and God knows what else related to economy (and politics but thats a whole other story!!!). Not many kids get up at 5 AM before high school to read WSJ every morning . I didn’t say he wasn’t quirky…….

Anyway, kid is looking for an internship in the city or LI for summer so if someone has a suggestion or advice, feel free to drop me a line at  Obviously I am aware that internship for freshman are not very common in financial field but the kid is obsessed with financial industry and that makes him special..…or just plain weird!!!..and unlike his dad he can actually write in English and no, he does not speak Cringlish. He is the black sheep in the family when it comes to that…haha

So stay tuned for Crazy Al Print Giveaway and also a very special Guppy Lures giveaway, new issue in few weeks and SJ TV


Merry Christmas Everyone ..thank you all for you support and as long as you guys will have us, we will try to make SJ better


16 comments on “Merry Christmas

  1. georgec5

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks for SJ it has become part of my life and I would sorely miss it if it ever went away. And a very happy new year.

  2. Andy_k

    Have a fantastic Christmas, Zeno and everyone else who has contributed too and helped make S.J. what it is today! May 2015 be a happy and successful year for you all.


  3. Captn Bob

    Merry Christmas to you and the staff of SJ. You guys do a great job, always look foward to the new issue or the daily thoughts! God Bless

  4. terry flynn

    Merry Christmas to the sj staff we here in nj would like wish you all the best for the holiday season you are truly appreciated

  5. Joe GaNun

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Zeno, and to all your friends and family. The magazine never stops getting better so I look forward to seeing you guys at the shows so that I can re-up into the next millenium.

  6. BigJim

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank goodness the SJ is back in service thanks for a great mag can’t wait for SJTV


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