Sealed reel for under $100 ?

They say for every action there is a reaction….

Last few decades we spent exploring the upper range of surfcasting budgets. We bought reels that cost more than our mortgage and we didn’t just buy one. No one even bats an eye when seeing a $600 plus tag on a surf rod either and we are not talking custom sticks.

But to some extent I think we reached a saturation point in the top end of a market. Not necessarily in terms of sales ,but in terms of future growth. To you and me, this might mean very little ,but to those who live on inside of this vicious sales cycle, this means everything. Former editor of NE publication Gene Borque told me once, the name of the game is either grow or die.

So where do companies find growth when upper end has been satisfied? No one is reinventing the wheel, but a lot of companies are trying to come up with a product that will fit a segment they feel is underserved. Or to fill a hole in their lineup. Van Staal VR reel is a good example of that. It gives you an option of a high quality reel at a lower price with hopes you will upgrade to VSX when you are looking for “more” in the reel (not sure more than VR is ever necessary but that’s the truth). PENN is filling a slot in their line up with Slammer III , somewhere above Spinfishiner V and bellow Torque. Besides, companies like PENN need to constantly  upgrade and update their models unlike VS which flagship reel has not changed in a long time other than recent update to VSX model

So how is Bimini Bay Outfitters (you also know them as Tsunami products) changing the rules of the game? The same way they did with split rings, swivels, shads and even Salt Life Optics. By bringing in quality products at lower price.

But this new announced reel at recent ICAST event in Orlando is a head scratcher. A “sealed” reel under a $100????

Tsunami Shield Spinning Reel at ICAST 2016

I have not seen this reel in person but I got to know people behind Bimini Bay Outfitters pretty well over the years to doubt them. I still remember being shown a Airwave Elite prototype at Rivers End Tackle show few years ago and being shocked when told that the rod will be for sale under $200 finished with all comonents. You got to admit Elite is one hell of a stick.I still fish my Elites all the time, so I am not going to doubt what they are coming up with…….but I am curious to see it

Take a look at this video and you tell mw what you think. And please spare me with “its not a VS” emails. Its not supposed to be a VS!

Retail price :

3000-4000 – $99.99

5000-6000 – $109.99

Weight by size:

3000 – 9.5oz/ 4000 – 9.8oz/ 5000 – 16.2oz/ 6000 – 16.5

3000-4000 have 6 internal seals. 5000-6000 have 13 internal seals .

Neither should be cranked underwater (btw neither should your VS/ZB/Torque) but 5000/6000 should be submersible without leakage where the smaller models with less seals will obviously have more points of entry

I think its a wonderful time we live in with all the innovations and improvements. Now if we can only invent more striped bass…

Here is the video from Tackle Direct from this year’s ICAST in Orlando

3 comments on “Sealed reel for under $100 ?

  1. Andy Kendrick

    Wow. Seeing and using will be believing though. That’s to say that they sound great, but will they last a season or two? I for one will be importing one to the UK from Tackle Direct to find out. For that money its not worth not gambling $100 + shipping etc. After all, with postage thats pretty much what I have to pay to have ONE of my Shimano reels serviced!

    As you say Z. Its not a VS or ZB reel and its not meant to be either and I love the sound of these. Why? Because for people getting into fishing, they should now be able to have a reel which can handle the odd dunking or splashing without discovering a week or so later that the reel is now either fit for the trash bin or in need of a serious service at even more expense to the user.

    So, so long as these live up to the sales talk, they are going to potentially give the user more hassle free hours of fishing for their money.

  2. jimmy z

    Can’t be dunked, but the regular guy out there really doesn’t dunk his reel. I like that it can get wet and still function. That’s perfect for a rainy night or a heavy spray. Cool beans!


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