PENN Slammer III & sand video

If you find an overload of info regarding a Penn Slammer III reels feel free to tell me to stop. Unfortunately we don’t get to go to ICAST show and check our other stiuff that might be of interests to surfcasters from big manufacturers. I find that most manufacturers that cater to surf fishing do not go there anyway, for example Super Strike, Gibbs or Fiberstar rods but big boys do so it would be cool to go one year just  for chit and giggles

Here is a look at PENN Slammer III reel in the sand

I already acknowledged in the video that this test has very little real life meaning. I do also acknowledge that some if not most of us will have to either lay or will drop our reel on sand on occasion

Not necessarily on purpose

3 comments on “PENN Slammer III & sand video

  1. Andy Kendrick

    Said it before and will say it again, Z. Showing something like this WILL sell the reel for Penn.
    Like you say, there’s no sense in it, but for the sake of testing it, it does show that there’s no reason why one of these reels cant stand up to ending up on the sand or having to have that sand flushed away by the sea will absolutely no ill effect.
    Or to put another way, more than standing up to what would amount to a LOT of clumsy moments during a seasons fishing from the shore.


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