Surf Fishing 101 Episode # 12 Danny Metal Lip Swimmers

As i mentioned few weeks ago that once get July Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine issue done, we have a lot of videos to go through

Here is Episode #12 of the Surf fishing 101 – Danny Metal Lip Swimmers

come up new Rod geeks rod and Slammer III wet test

3 comments on “Surf Fishing 101 Episode # 12 Danny Metal Lip Swimmers

  1. jimmy z

    Very good video Z and Dave. And you’re right Z. I’ve used them in rollers where a bottle was not effective

  2. bigFishLarry

    I know of one cup lipped surfster that excels in hard current “Z”! 😉 Also I know of one Danny that has split rings and the hooks will not marry! LOL! Great video……I love them!

  3. MRisser

    Good comment on the hook-up ratio being frustrating with this plug, any advice on how to improve? Also have found that fish get the larger plugs sideways in their maul, and the leverage rips them out (or bends hooks). Do you fish them with a lighter drag, maybe? Good video!


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