Seaguar Flouro Giveaway

Hope you guys are having a good Holiday Season.
Saturday morning I went to Costco to get some giant scallops for dinner on Sunday when sister-in-law comes over with her clan  and these two red snappers from Nicaragua were just staring at me through the glass, begging me…”take me home”
darn, i could not resist
never go shopping hungry 🙂
For some reason , I must have thought yesterday was Christmas eve. Instead of planed lamb leg I ended up buying some tuna steaks and throwing them on the grill to go along with fried shrimp and stuffed whole calamari. But that wasn’t the main attraction…that was a giant bowl of penne past wossed with  scallop and shrimps swimming in a wine cream sauce
Somebody please tell me this insanity is almost over.
In other news, we have some announcements to make in next few days about some fine people joining SJ staff. We are pretty excited…stay tunned

We also have a very intresting giveaway coming up here in a day or two, just in time for Christmas 🙂

but first

Good folks from Seaguar (  have sent few spools of Seaguar Premium 50lb Flouro and you can win one today by saying “I am” in to this giveaway. Well pick a lucky winner in few days.

Its a leader material I been using this fall and i am very impressed

229 comments on “Seaguar Flouro Giveaway

  1. matty7

    Yohay, z, you know me I’m always up for a challenge count me in and if it isn’t too late count me in on that beautifull camando surf bag too. Santa knows that I’ve been a good boy

  2. Predrag

    I am in.
    Zeno, I think that those are Yellow Tail Snappers. I caught a few in the Virgin Islands on smaller red head shads. Beautiful fish.


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