2011 Surf Fishing with the Experts Seminars

Portion of the net proceeds will be donated to the conservation.

Surfcaster’s Journal Subscribers will have the first shot at reserving the seats for the seminars. Some of the seats have already been reserved by those who have expressed interests few weeks ago.

You can register via PayPal by Clicking this button

or via mail by mailing a check to


PO BOX 10665


If you are sending a check via snail mail drop us an email and tell us, so we can reserve your seat. There are very limited number of seats still available.

Classes location at

American Legion Post 1066

66 Veterans Boulevard

Massapequa , NY 11758

Located in NE corner of LIRR parking lot in Massapequa.


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24 comments on “2011 Surf Fishing with the Experts Seminars

  1. Greg T.

    God I wish I lived closer so I could attend,if your as much as an addict as I am you’ld be a fool not to go,ps snow is flying in northern mass

  2. Bob Eisey

    Thank Z. The check is in the paypal. I got it right this time. The best to you and yours for the holidays and through the new year.

  3. bunufish

    This is awesome. If my Wednesdays were free, I’d definitely try to make it. Best of luck! The videos and articles here are so helpful in itself, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be able to ask questions to iron out the details.

  4. CTMatt

    I would kill to go to these but I live too far away.
    I would gladly pay a portion for an online video of sorts for the outof towners. I know it is an old topic brought up months ago but I would love to benefit from the words of some of the masters…

  5. Zeno Post author

    Just so there is no confusion ..these are six 2 hour classes and each week will feature different speakers …I don’t want anyone to think that all these fellows will appear on same night 🙂

  6. Joe B.


    I respectfully request that you rethink doing a video for later sale(perhaps in April) to those who live too far away to attend these six sessions. I’m one of those in the too far away to be able to attend category. Otherwise, you would already have my money.

    My first choice would be a “Road Show”, but I realize how demanding/unrealistic that would be for you and your presenters. Think about how many future issues of SWJ that could support.

    Looking forward to a “By popular demand….” note from you for the stockings of many dedicated striper fisherman.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Nick

    I’m going to the seminar and I think a video series would be great(I’m not the one who would have to edit it though) think about it Z.

  8. DO

    Just sent you an e mail Z. I would like In as well.
    Also curious about if they would be taped in case you missed one.

    Thanks in advance..

  9. Zeno Post author

    I’ll explain one day why I personaly don’t think the video idea is feasible ….never mind the editing part..


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