“Respect Striped Bass” prints giveaway by Crazy Alberto Knie

As promised, we are going to start a 2015 with a very special giveaway from our columnist Crazy Alberto Knie.

There has ben a lot of fighting and jockeying for positions between user groups when it comes to who gets what allocation of striped bass harvest. But many of times, when tempers flare up, we forget that the only thing that really maters is What’s The Best For Striped Bass. I don’t think bass care if you hook it with treble, gaff it or nail it with bunker snag. I do think they care that there is enough of them still around to continue to spawn and be a premier inshore species in  the Northeast. Crazy Alberto created these posters to raise awareness of the plight of the striped bass. The first winner will get to pick one of these two prints while the second winner will receive the other one. Prints will be signed and embossed and shipped by Crazy Al to the winners.

Good luck to all who enter and I urge you to keep on fighting for the future of this most important species for us surfcasters.

If anyone is interested in purchasing these prints, please contact Crazy Al at alknie@gmail.comfv rfdvc

And if you need to be visually stimulated on this New Year’s Day…because you have not fished yet this year ….here is another short film by crazy dudes from Morning Tides to get you in the mood


285 comments on ““Respect Striped Bass” prints giveaway by Crazy Alberto Knie

  1. jim casto

    This is what I call “EXSTEME FISHING”. Well, at my age anyway, 72 years old & still fishing every time I can. But, if I was 20 again this would be the thing to try. And as a quote fom others— MAY YOUR FISHUING ALWAYS BE CATCHING. happy 2015

  2. John Just One Last Copen

    That was great. Thanks Zeno. Does anyone know if these guys do anything to those kicks to make them safer on the rocks.
    I indicated earlier on Alberto’s page that I was in for the poster. I’m happy to do what every you propose to help you in your cause. Already 1@32. Johnny Just One Last Cast Copen

  3. ChuckD

    I’m in, thanks for the chance.
    Happy New year everyone. May 2015 be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous to you all

  4. paul fiedler

    I am in! Love the big ones but, take a picture, throw them back and let them breed. They ‘ll be bigger next season.

  5. Jarlath

    Such lovely posters to hang in my fly tying room….hopefully to make that happen, so please put my name in the box.

  6. Victor Jankowski

    Well…A Slightly different point of view. It was 50 years ago last May, that two of my good friends drowned because of very strong currents in a river. It had nothing to do with fishing, but had everything to do with being young and foolish. That May night, I threw myself into ice cold water and attempted to save them. I failed miserably and almost drowned in the process. For 50 years, I have had “Night Terrors” over this tragic disaster. I understand most young people don’t like to listen to “Old Farts” like myself, but if you must taunt God…Well… I hope you will not tell a similar story to another youngster 50 years from now. Enough said.

  7. Clarke Paulsen III

    Wow….thanks for the chance. I’d proudly display the poster, framed of course. I’m all in. Being a catch and release fisherman myself, I’ve always come to respect all life in the ocean. In fact, not less than a week ago, I was out in Huntington Bay, NY (where I,m from) working the water for oysters on a fellow bayman’s boat, and could not believe my eyes. A striper about 3ft plus, seriously, slowly lunkering past the side of the boat. There has been a ton of herring around these waters for the past few weeks and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Guys from all over are hitting the docks and beaches, slinging all sorts of different combinations of rigs for them. Hmmm, makes me wonder about that bass; could there be more around lying just beneath the surface in wait for their feast on herring? Happy New Year to all…and good luck in all things 2015> Clarke

  8. Gerald Hodnicky

    I’m IN Wow great prints Great cause would look great on wall of the mancave.
    Jerry hodnicky

  9. Louis S. Foca

    “Thanks” for the opportunity to say “I’m-In”…….
    And Remember to “Respect & Protect” the Biomass/Fishery !!!!!


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