Morning Tide , a little winter video fix and info on MRAC meeting in NY

This is the time of the year when many of us have had enough celebrating, overeating and Gas X. What we need is a fishing fix. But unless you got some time off from work, expandable income and a desire to jump on a plane for a trip to warmer locales, you are probably doing a lot of YouTube searching for something to feed your need.

I know these crazy dudes are not in USA but not only are they insane (I would not advise ANYONE to attempt this without protection as you can see in the first video) but they also have great editing skills in telling these stories

Morning Tide

First video is a Wash Off…kind of Montauk on Steroids


Second is The Fish of a Lifetime



And last, the one that started the whole insanity..Only a Fisherman Knows the Feeling


And on a serious note…message from Ross Squire FROM 1@32 about very important meeting for striped bass in nY

2015 NY Striped Bass Regulations

NY Marine Resource Advisory Council Meeting (MRAC) – IMPORTANT

The next meeting of MRAC is on Tuesday, January 13th at 2:00PM. The meeting will be held at the DEC offices located at 205 Belle Meade Road in East Setauket, NY. MRAC advises the NY Dept of Environmental Conservation on “issues pertaining to New York’s living marine resources and the fisheries these resources sustain.”

The bottom line is that while the DEC is not obligated to act consistent with MRAC, the council does have influence over their decisions.


At the last meeting, MRAC voted to investigate a 2 fish bag limit for the party boat/for-hire sector AND a 2 fish bag limit for rest of the recreational sector. I attended this meeting and the audience consisted almost exclusively of people aligned with the commercial sector and the party boat sector.

Given the make-up of MRAC, the great majority of recreational anglers are not represented proportionally and what was very clear during that meeting was that the ASMFC public comments were not fully recognized and represented. Charlie Witek and Bob Danielson did their best to represent and support the 1 fish bag limit that was favored by the great majority of the public comments received. However, they were drowned out and over-ruled by the other council members.

So while we may not sway the ultimate recommendations that MRAC makes to the DEC, a strong showing will remind the DEC members and leadership attending the meeting of the public comments and the overwhelming support for a 1 fish bag limit. It is the cover the DEC may need in order to enact 2015 regulations that are different from what MRAC advises.

I recognize that 2:00 in the afternoon is a difficult time for many. I requested having the meeting moved to the evening however MRAC was unable to gain a quorum for an evening meeting.

Your attendance, if at all possible, is important and is needed. Hope to see you there.

Ross Squire

13 comments on “Morning Tide , a little winter video fix and info on MRAC meeting in NY

  1. BigJim

    Those guys are scary crazy and great videos for sure I have a hard enough time walking thru the boulder fields up here in Mass With the way the fish have gone and being from Mass I wish I could make the trip and attend to show support hope many of you here can make it very important issue good luck on the 13th

  2. Bobby361

    A couple of years ago I read an article on SJ about guys who call themselves hard core or extreme fisherman, well I think you just found them.

  3. Joe GaNun

    These guys are a serious rush. Talk about full contact commando fishing. Wow! Can’t help wondering how it is they can swim the Daiwa and in one of the videos I think I saw a Stella.

  4. Dave Whitney

    Wow! Impressed with the balls on these guys to catch monster fish!
    Not worth the danger to me but to each their own.
    Will try to make the 13th if I can get out of work.


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