Happy New Year to all Surfcaster’s Journal readers

Whoa..did that suck! The server went down and our web designer ,one of the most capable  people i have ever met was in …..…wait for it….Antartica on his honeymoon!!! There are no towns in Antartica , never mind internet. He fixed the issue in five minutes yesterday morning with promise to make provisions that this never happens again if he is not around. We sincerely apologize to all of our readers for this inconvenience around the holidays. I think my wife would give me a stare colder than anything in Antartica if i suggested we go there on honeymoon. Heck I remember spending part of my honeymoon twenty years ago in Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada. You have to understand this was way before Mr. Gore invented internet and there was a word “Lodge” in the name. Until the moment we arrived there she had reservations. …..been trying to get back there for twenty years now, but $500 a night for that place is never in a budget…

Anyway, we are glad to be back, tomorrow we will have a prints from Crazy Alberto for a giveaway so check in here

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and today we will announce the winner of the RockHopper Surf Belt giveaway. The winner is Edward..


You have 5 days to email us your shipping address to info@surfcastersjournal.com


Tommy is working on a new issue which should be coming your way in about two weeks. What do we have for you?

Obviously great new articles by the best writers and SJ columnists

We got another episode of Montauk Time and Tide ready to roll in January


Full version of this interview with John Skinner, author of this holiday bestseller Striper Pursuit (the video version coming at a later date)


Video column by our Rod Guru Lou Caruso

and yes, even I have an article in this issue. Its been awhile since i wrote anything..haha

And of course, for those of you that are subscribers, the first 25 minute episode of SJ TV should be coming your way on January 20th


Happy New Year everyone!!!

We wish you all good health, happiness and continued success in the surf

14 comments on “Happy New Year to all Surfcaster’s Journal readers

  1. Richard Fuchs AKA Woodwker99

    Happy New Year Z. and Gang. looking forward to another year of the greatest fishing blog/Mag EVER!

  2. bm

    happy new year to all at scj and zeno try the place up the road from cheeca less than 1/2 the price guy harveys outpost islander resort


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