We are on the way to NJ for a Surf Day…if you are atending, stop by and say hi.

For those of you who ordered hoodies, shirts and caps with SJ logo we have an update. The caps have been made and sweatshirts and shirts should be done by Monday. Barring some unforeseen development, we expect to be shipping all items by Tuesday or Wednesday. We understand there are some of you that missed out on the gear and are asking for more. Please let us ship all the preordered items and then we will talk if any additional items might be made in the future.

Here are the new videos from this week, just in case you missed them

Great Bill Wetzel, a friend and Montauk crazy full time



a little “under the light” compostion i put together, working on something else, hopefully in few days


Spro new Split Snaps



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8 comments on “Recap

  1. Jeremy A

    Zeno, finally got time to sit and watch the Bill W. interview. Gotta love that guy, he is hired. Btw Z really nice editing job, you just keep getting better at it…it is an artform for sure. I did it for a living for the news and got burned out on it though.

  2. Rob G

    I wont be at the show today, but I wanted to thank you and the SJ crew for all of your efforts. This publication really makes winter much easier and I look forward to reading your posts first thing each morning.

    Awesome job.

  3. CTMatt

    What a thrill today.

    Meeting Big Rock, Wetzel, Rosco, Lou Caruso, The Musso’s, DJ and countless others today was a super special day. Not sure if I will make it every year with all the driving and all but I had a blast talking to everybody who attended. Lots of new friends, great advice and a very accommodating JSS staff. Lunch line was a bit long/annoying but I would have done it all over again. Wish I snagged the giveaways but I am sure they went to very deserving surfcasters.

    See you boys at Rivers End. Int he meantime local holdovers are keeping me happy 🙂

  4. michael Gallego

    I had great time at surf day yesterday. I was able to meet a lot of influential people in the surfcasting community and learn a tremendous amount. Everybody was very helpful and polite. I definitely bought enough stuff to hold me over for the season, and I cant wait for the next show.

  5. Dean Vervoort

    Zeno it was nice to meet you. I had my little boy with me so I couldn’t watch any seminars. Still had a good time though and hit for a raffle from RFA.


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