Win a Lemire's Plugworks Giant Prowler and this week winners

I have to apologize for being behind a bit this week but its been crazy.

To those of you who attended my seminar on Wednesday night at Cow Harbor Tackle, thank you from a bottom of my heart. I expected 6 people on a weeknight, not 60!

Now the winners, something that is overdue but like I said, I didn’t want to just pick the number and call it a day, I wanted to make sure I had time to sit down and use the Random Number Generator to the dirty work and give me the #

The winner on Tactical Angler Clips and A Tactical Angler hat is ..Dan Radman…(same last name as most of my wife’s family…lol)…

The winner of Super Strike “Super Bread ” Darter is …Bob… RMF0913@AOL.COM

You both have 5 days to email us your shipping addresses at We don’t hear from you, you lose.



And since is Friday, and we like to send you into the weekend on a right note, let’s give you a chance to win something special.

First dude or dudete that guesses what my favorite picture in this current issue of the magazine is will win this super-mint metal lip swimmer from Lemire’s Plug works…I mean really sweet.

This is a one kickass plug at 8.5 inches and 3.5 ounces , made just for that cow with your name on it. 🙂



[issuu width=550 height=213 shareMenuEnabled=false showHtmlLink=false proSidebarEnabled=true printButtonEnabled=false shareButtonEnabled=false searchButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120111023118-9d1048647cfe41d090399d5cfee4d4ff name=issue_11 username=surfcasters_journal tag=fishing unit=px id=70069923-d325-f4da-96e8-406b89269658 v=2]

101 comments on “Win a Lemire's Plugworks Giant Prowler and this week winners

  1. Jim M.

    Pg 161. Fishing in shorts and holding that torpedo! Even with this warm winter I wouldn’t mind a little of that climate. Thanks as always!

  2. Lenman

    sorry…meant 63…some reason I have hard time getting the page numbers. there is no pic on page 52 hahaha. didnt have my coffee yet.

  3. TRisser

    Cover, I remember your blog post stating that the cover was different on this issue and you liked it. People do change their minds. I am hoping you didn’t.

  4. BOB

    Hi all….I am BOB RMF0913@AOL.COM HOLY COW….OH MY GOD….I cant believe I won the Super Strike “SUPER BREAD”…
    That plug looks awesone in the photo and I am sure its a 1000 times better in person…
    Thank you all for the opportunity to be part of a great organization and for the opportunity to win such a great plug…
    Tight lines.


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