The Hunt for Big Stripers

First, I need to tip my hat to Jersey Shore Surfcasters for putting together a hell of a show. Everything they did was fantastic, could not think of a thing that they did not respond quickly and effectively. We are proud to be a part of it.

I been burred printing labels for shirts, sweatshirts and caps. Some of the stuff should be in the mail tomorrow and hopefully all or most of it by Wednesday night. I still cant believe that I spent more than 15 hours in my chair this weekend printing labels…holy crap…..Most of the stuff is done, few more items we still have to make so bare with us for few days until we get everyone’s orders filled. Hopefully by weekend all of you will have what you ordered. This was definitely a bit more that I can chew or expected but we will make this work. As you can imagine, I had time to take my wife and kids to a diner for a quick bite to eat, and other that five trips to 7/11 to get a large coffee to keep me going, my Sunday was spent in this chair.

So you might as well be listening to someone who goes fishing AND knows a thing or two about catching a big Bass on this Monday

Our friend, Crazy Alberto Knie as he talks about a the Hunt for Big Stripers



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8 comments on “The Hunt for Big Stripers

  1. CTMatt

    Z/Tommy I appreciate your humbleness and all but you had a busy weekend in NJ and like everyone else you are bustin’ ass with the family. Never apologize for what you do here and for getting gear out to folks. Speaking for myself surfcasters are pretty patient people…otherwise the sport would be pointless.

    NOW WHERE IS MY GEAR!!! hahaha

    Side note I have spoken to Crazy Alberto and I love all of his plugs and gear and it is a pleasure to hear him speak. The more I listen and attend shows the more Al, Skinner, DJ, Wetzel and the other greats all seem to have a common denominator for finding big fish and as a serious surfcaster is is great to be finally connecting the dots to finding cows.

    Thanks SJ!

  2. CTMatt

    I only asked once…here in this post…and I was just kidding lol…

    Hey i tossed you and especially Tommy a nice compliment on them at JSS…but seriously though. LOL. I’ll take my bitch slap like a man on 3/25 at rivers End.

    They looked great in person…it will certainly keep my bald head tasty grabbing schoolies.


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