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Now that I got some sleep……Unfortunately I got up even more crankier then when I went to bed. I spent 80 percent  of my time with cameras last few days and about 20% fishing. Is it because I don’t like to fish? No, It is so we can bring you stuff no one else will. Of course, we only do this so we can “push” more products on our readers like some have suggested. What are you going to do, you will have haters no matter what. I implore you before and I will do it again, do not take anything that you hear, see or read as gospel. Take it as the starting info and do your homework. Do not take anyone’s recommendation as something that will fit the way you fish.

I will continue to write about my personal experiences. You take them for what they are worth. All I am going to say about two piece rod is this….I got to hammer the fish with GLoomis ten foot rod , out casting many with a one piece 11 foot rods. If anyone tells me that one piece rods are better than two piece when it comes to a purely performance, I will save them a  headache and tell them now to show it up their…..done with this.

So yes, I spent two days with fish boiling around my legs, with a camera in my hand. The bad part was that I took a dive in Browns and landed on my Panasonic HD camcorder which cost us few grand. That was a major downer.

The typical day involved going to 7/11,( best thing in Montauk since Paulie’s bait and tackle), about 3 to 4 times a day to fill thermos with coffee. Of course, in the morning, while sleeping at the “Truck Inn” at the lower lot you had to run like the deer  to the bathroom and start to pee while still about 15 feet away from the urinal. Any closer and you will crack the porcelain.

Friday night was kind of neat in a lot of ways. We fished on the north side and the only way that you would get bump is to make the longest possible cast you want with a darter. Then you count to three and usually you either caught a fish or got a bump. After that, the retrieve was useless so you raced the plug back and did it again. The fish were holding at the end of the cast. Not one bump came after three or 4 cranks.

Which can be a pain if you are a lousy caster like I consider myself to be. Of course, the fact I use a regular, nonsharpie like, two piece rods certainly is not going to help.

After fishing few spots and only had a single striper Silver Fox and I ended around the Lighthouse area. I got on a big slanted rock while he picked a perch about 30 yards to the west. I was in fish immediately, like I said, on the end of the cast. After 3 fish, I called over. You always want to make sure that the fish are not a fluke. Once I was reasonably convinced that I had a solid bite in front of me I called him over.

He came but insisted of fishing next to me. I said no, we will share the rock. It was big enough for two people. He was ready to get on the rock while I had a fish close to it. I grabbed a leader with rod still under the strain of the fish. No idea what happened,. I can’t explain it. All I know is that Super Strike Mackerel Halloween darter flew like the projectile and hit me square in my eye. I must be the luckiest sonofabitch in the world because it hit me with the side on which there were no hooks. Other than a nice bruise on my eye the next day, I came trough unhurt.

Anyway, Silver Fox got on a rock and I gave him a “preferred” spot, to my right. Which means he can cast freely while I have to make sure that I don’t hook him or slap his rod on my cast. Its ok, I am used to sharing a rock from fishing Cutty, I am not sure he was so I tried to make life easier on him.It’s cool, dude is my buddy and you give your friends always better then what you got. The cardinal rule, pay it forward.

So now you have to guys, fishing with two piece rods (Gasp, someone, call the one-piece police quickly) . I fished with a 10 6 GLoomis IMX and ZB25 while Silver Fox had 11 foot Ron Arra with VS 200. I consider Lenny a better caster then I am. I consider most of you better casters then I am. And it made no sense that I was bailing fish for the next two hours and Silver Fox never got a hit. No sense at all. He tried a needle and casted further but fish did not wanted. They wanted a darter. I ofered him my darter. I ofered him to change spots. He declined both

We gave up around midnight after we lost the tide and tried to figure out what happened but we came to no conclusions. Lenny took a shock leader off earlier in the day and maybe that was the reason he wasn’t casting all-out? Out of fear of snapping a plug…no idea but you always hate when your buddy cant buy a bump while you go, cast, one, two, three , I am in.                                                              

Then again, I stood next to him while he bailed a fish locally on a sand bar that I couldn’t reach with my cast.  How is Montauk in general? I know many of you probably were considering going but couldn’t, scared of weekend crowds, whatever…There is a blitz going on every minute of every day somewhere around the light, either on north of south side. The fish are plentiful but finicky and zoomed in onto white bait. The nighttime bite is not bad considering that when fish are on white bait, the nighttime usually shuts down. And yes, once it gets dark, the participation is down by about 95 %.                                                                    Ron Arra at Montauk recently

If you can get out, I suggest you do. Stop by Paulie and he will send you to the right spot


What goes around comes around. Silver Fox spanked me last night at the local south shore beach. One thing he mentioned, that never crossed my mind was that he should have asked me to switch rods to see if that was the key. Darn, that would have been a good idea.

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8 comments on “Random ramblings

  1. George Cerny

    Hi Z, I’ve lurking here for the past two months, thoroughly enjoying the humor and learning. Your latest post causes me to commiserate with you. About three weeks ago I was fishing a one ounce “Smack It” in the pitch dark, it caught in the rocks, let go with a thwack and hit me below my left eye embedding itself just at the corner of my eye. When i got home I clipped off the two free barbs and hackle to see that the third was in for life. This is where the fun starts. At Glen Cove Emergency, the Triage Nurse asked, “what brings you here at 4:30 in the morning?” Well, I say, I was just standing on the beach minding my own business when someone or something threw this tasty little morsel at my face. Only then did she look at me… The Doctor, a sweet woman who appeared to be all of 18 years old, never having seen a treble hook in her life, proceeds to try and remove the hook without Lidocane. She assumed the embedded barb was the same length as the ones I had clipped! With some urgency I exclaimed that a pain killer and someone with knowledge of treble hooks might be found to assist her. Had she been a guy I might have phrased it differently but being a “sexist pig”…Bruno the Bull, her fellow Doc that morning, never saw the video of the the guy who impales his arm and then uses a piece of “mono” to “jerk it hard and fast, and out she comes!” After Bruno nicks my eyelid with his scalpel he got the job done and sewed up his mistake and my original wound. It was while they were finishing up my paperwork the Sweetie told my that she had never seen a treble hook before that night. Too much time studying and not enough time for life,I suppose. A week or two later I took my neophyte son-in-law down to the beach and in less than an hour, not more than thirty feet away from him, I got 24″ Stripper, 3lb Sea Robin, and a 9lb Blue. Go figure! Thanks again for a terrific Site with so much good stuff please keep it going. George.

  2. mark m "Cow Harbor"

    I heard the good news earlier in the week and I still left the shop open to work instead of play 🙁

    I think the only thing worse than having to use the camera instead of the rod is to sit in the shop and hear everything going on without being able to leave. It can be a bummer sometimes, especially after working 14 hours a day 7 days per week.


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