Wolverine Tackle Split Rings…Win some Super Rings

How do you view your split rings? Honestly, have you gave much thought to this?

There was a time when I thought that split rings are not necessary on my lures. There was also a time when I thought that Duo Lock were superior to clips. I have came to realize that I was wrong on both counts. Is the split ring technically “another thing that can fail”? Technically, yes. Practically, no, especially if you use the Super Rings from Wolverine Tackle. Ever wonder why top lure manufactures put a little sticker on their lure packaging that tell you “VMC hooks” or “ Wolverine Split Rings”? It’s because they are confident in the components they use and feel that this is the best thing on the market and are proud to offer it to their customers.

I had cheap split rings fail in the past. They rusted, they pulled, they were mangled by the fish. Is there a chance that Wolverine split rings is going to fail you? Not likely. There is one exception. If you use a lure that has a fixed hook hanger (no swivel) like Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser, there is no split ring in the world that will withstand a power of big fish if she gets the right leverage. Same goes for tail hooks on many plugs. once a gorilla blue gets a hold of that and spins it around, your split ring might fail to hold its original shape. But even in those circumstances, I still feel that triple split rings from Wolverine tackle will give me a best chance of landing that fish.

Why use a split ring? Many reasons

The hooks will not rust as fast

It gives better action to many lures when inserted in the nose of the lures

It gives better action to just about any tail hook or a flag on the back of the lure

It allows most hooks to fold against plug body during the cast reducing air resistance and increasing casts.

It makes changing hooks a snap

The only time I shy away from using split rings is on the lures on which split rings should not be used. For example, if you add split rings to your lure and the hooks marry, that is a bad candidate. If by adding a split ring you allow a front hook to be able to grab a nose of the lure and alter its action, that would be another reason. If you are a worrywart who carries toilet paper and a tube of Desatin in your waders because you are afraid of pooping in your waders….well, then you have bigger issues than we can help you with.

For all the rest of you, we will give you a chance to win these two packages of Wolverine Super Rings, courtesy of our friends from Wolverine Tackle

By all means, go to their website and check out all the lure builders that are use their products. I think you will be impressed. http://wolverinetackleinc.com/

141 comments on “Wolverine Tackle Split Rings…Win some Super Rings

  1. Rob G

    I’m in ! You mentioned switching out the tail book on some lures. I noticed on alot of lures that have a single rear hook directly attached, that the hook is facing “down” and that when you add a split ring, the hook faces “sideways”. Do you think that is an issue?

  2. Zeno Post author

    Rob..the short answer is not really..the long answer is not really
    but of course, people are opinionated on this as much as do colors matter enaough to lose sleep over it…not really…do you really need a vs to fish the beach…not really
    the only thing thay does matter…is someone an keyboard surfcaster or one who actually gets his waders wet..because I found it hard to catch a bass from my living room

  3. Jason

    Rob…you can twist the wire so that the hook point will run down again. Just make sure when you are twisting that you are not undoing the tail wraps or changing the line tie. You want the tail hook to run down to act like a keel weight. Same goes for trebles…you will want the welded hook to run down.

    I am in.

    I am not a big fan of split rings, but on some of my plugs they are a must. Anything that is sealed with no swivel, and pencil poppers that I want extra distance get split rings immediately.

  4. Irish

    Im in great product. the only problem i have found is when using a wolverine on the nose of a plug it is often too wide for the generally smaller nose loop. but on the body best ring out there.

  5. Rich B.

    I’m in. (Hey, Irish: don’t use a split on the nose; just use either a Breakaway or Tactical Angler clip on the end of your leader. MUCH easier!)

  6. S. Skate

    I in. Thanks.
    I prefer the ease of split rings.But
    I hate it when the hooks “marry” and when the front treble wraps the nose clip or line. Screws up the action after you made the cast.

  7. Sudsy

    I’m not a big believer in split rings.
    Never had a cut n bent hook fail.
    Never had a swivel fail (on my own stuff or others plugs that I often rewire – I use insanely strong offshore style swivels)
    But I have had split rings fail.

    Maybe with this new style it’s time to give them another go.

    I’m in


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