We apologize for being MIA…we were busy recording if not fishing. We will fill you in on busted knees, bad elbows, darters in the eye, breaking a 2k camera by falling on it, casting a GoPro into a school of boiling fish and loosing it, having to pee so hard we almost cracked porcelain in the bathroom….and much more…right now we need some sleep


GOPRO….no one said we are bright



9 comments on “MIA

  1. Zeno Post author

    some people like to say they “fish hard”…we claim no such thing but when it comes to peeing, yeah, we pee hard


    yo Z love the channel on it every night, wanted to know if you could do a break down of just some good beaches to fish from south jersey to montauk. thanks for any help keep up the good work brotha Al from philly


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