One of the best amongst us

No one does it better than Peter Laurelli

If you are a fishing nut, you will love this 20 minute composition of scenes from last season


17 comments on “One of the best amongst us

  1. Jerry

    I don’t know what art is. I’ve walked through the MoMA and the Louvre with interest and fascination but I’ve rarely “felt” a strong emotion when standing in front of a great painting or sculpture. I assume art means different things to different people. What we do, what I just watched is art, at least to me. I can watch that movie, appreciate it and thank god that I can not only watch from afar but can also embed myself into this natural, raw beauty on some lonely, moss covered rock. God has not given me the talent to move people or to stir that particular emotion that Peter (and Zeno) can.

  2. Louis DeRicco

    Cool footage. Interesting to note that the date that Peter Laurelli experiences the great action in Monmouth County, New Jersey was one day before Hurricane Sandy really started to pound that area……….and two days before those very same beaches were devastated.

  3. DonR

    Beautiful!!! Loved the jetty scene at about 15 minutes trying to get out of the way.
    The end in MoCo–wonder what we could of had if the storm didn’t……………………..


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