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First thing first. The winner of the Super Strike Purple haze darter is lenny gimmelfarb. You have 5 days to email us your address. We will then forward it to Super Strike Guru Steve Musso. Thank you Steve again for making this possible.

Second. Some of you had issues with your Android tablets or anything Android. I feel your pain too because I have a Droid phone and had same issues. It seems like Android OS does not like drop down menus so some of the tablet users like those with Toshiba or Samsung had to go back to “log in” link. That has been fixed. No idea how our web dude did it but you can now click on the “Magazine” link and presto! all the sub links appear! Sweet

Three. I always said that none of this means anything until the great Vito Orlando becomes a subscriber. There are people I like, there are people I respect. And there is Vito.  I can spend a day just writing about everything he is. I hope someone writes a book about it one day. Thank you Mr. Orlando. I am volunteering to cut your bunker all spring.

Four. Hoodies…looks like arrival by this weekend and then we shipped them out. Looking forward to getting you guys your stuff and to be honest, I want one too

Five and last but not the least, for those of you who are not subscribed yet (you are missing all the awesomeness as Tommy would say) here is a quick look at what Steve McKenna column looks like in this issue. Pretty sweet and that is just  part of 164 pages.

In addition, for subscribers and nonsubscribers alike ,here is a little video of new features, explanation of controls and yeah, pure awesomeness.







6 comments on “This and that

  1. Tom Schneider

    Amen to Vito! I can’t tell you how much he has taught me about striped bass fishing over almost the last decade. I know that I am just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Vito sharing his knowledge. A finer striperman you will not find!

  2. Lou

    Vito is one of the finest gentlemen that ever was. He has taught me more in 5 years then I learned in a lifetime before…. Still kicks my butt every time we hit the beach..

  3. Pete

    I can’t think of anyone else I would want to fish along side of. Especially when I want to get schooled. Thanks Vito for the person you are.


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