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  1. ChefChris

    great Videos Zeno.

    any idea what year they were filmed??

    “fish are always where you catch them” might be the best quote ever.

  2. sioca

    ChefChris: 1947 and 1956.

    Agree w/u, Great quote!

    Q’s: What is a 12 thread line?
    What is the lb. test of a 12 thread line?
    How were this lines rated for lb. test?
    What material were this lines made of?
    Thanks guys.

  3. Tyson

    Nice video.
    When I started fishing years ago we used the old squidding line. Squidding line pound test was done like the old linen lines. One thread was equal to 3 lbs. So that is 36 lb for that twelve thread. Most guys like myself used 27 lb lines.

  4. Calfarmli

    See you don’t really need $1200.00 dollars worth of equipment to catch a bass as proven by the video’s.It looks to me the guys fishing Montauk are catching dead fish ???, unless they drown them before bringing them into shore.All in all I LOVE that stuff.

  5. Scott R

    Lost my Dad May 21st at 80 and this was his era. I remember the 12′ fiberglass poles with Penn Squidders. Caught my first bass on a clam on one of those poles when I was 6. The damn thing was almost 3 times the size of me! We fished from an old Willie’s Jeep from the McArthur era. FABULOUS memories ressurected. Thanks for sharing.

  6. henry

    Wow! did anyone notice the Vom Hoffe reel was without a drag system and the thumb work by the guy in the North Carolina tape? Interesting sport fishing times

  7. woodwker99

    Now why can’t I find Montauk that empty? I guess since these films were shown in theaters is the reason this sport is as big today. All in all I love seeing the old stuff. really interesting to see that some things improve but never change. Conventional reels with pool cue rods in the Carolinas… really nice stuff.

  8. matty7

    1 of the first fishing poles my grandfather you ever gave me was an old school surf casting rods
    which closely resemble the ones in your videos 2 peace with the wooden handle and it has an old penn beachmaster reel with linen line on it it’s hard to believe that that’s what they use to use but my grandfather has had many cows on this pole I’ve seen some old pictures of him using 1 of my grandmother’s old pocket books as a plug bag, with the rod I mentioned aboveand cow bass. he also gave me quite a few plugs and spoons that he had a handmade himself I will try to round up some of the old pictures I have and take some pictures and send them to you by the way I still use the rod to this day
    and have caught my share of bass on it

  9. Jeremy

    Hey that was pretty crafty staging some of those pre caught bass for the film as someone noted. Im blown away….just fantastic footage that really marks the era. Also I never knew they called redfish channel bass back then. Man that reel was a wicked knuckle buster! great stuff, thanx very much guys.

  10. Jim M

    Love the videos, thanks for posting! Amazing to see the Point so tree-less, and the difference in the bluffs today. I’m not sure what that line is, but I can’t imagine trying to clear a bird’s nest in that reel in the dark. Or having to “educate my thumb”! We’ve come a long way…

  11. Tony Marchisotto

    Very Cool I too have some of those older rods from my Dad. One was given to him by an old friend from the Striper Surf Club. I have used it often in the past, but not the last ten years or so. It will keep you grounded in the sport…having the memories of fishing days gone by.

  12. Pierre


    I love the “spirit”: descriptive and straight to the point…

    I would give my left nut to get back in times to fish during these days…

  13. fishtrek

    To think a friend of mine had one of those bamboo sticks redone casts it twicw and on the second cast breaks He was so sick he just threw it away I grabbed it just for a nice piece of workmanship..

  14. striperguy

    Wow, that’s when striper fishing was epic, and those guys were bailing 40-50lb class fish without swimming to rocks. How times have changed. That’s exactly the way my old man fished, work clothes on with just hip waders and his squidder and Calcutta rod. Man I feel like such a Goog next to my old man. Lol


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