Happy Veterans Day

Today is such special day. The Day when we thank our veterans for their service. But going on Facebook and saying happy Veterans day is not what this is all about. They should to be thanked, appreciated and respected every day of the year. In our book they do. So Happy Veterans Day to so many who gave so much .



Looks like Skinner’s book will be arriving today and after John signs them they should be shipped this weekend as will order to Saltwater’s Edge, East End Tackle, Fisherman’s Headquarters, Fisherman’s Line, Rivers End ,The Surfcaster and Red Top and Campsite sport shop…more stores coming soon. If your local store does not have it, have them order it for you.

If we seem a bit out of it last few days, you will have to excuse us. We am not sure we can think straight any more. This shit with Paulie has hit us hard. For those of you that are unsure what we are talking about visit the sol, we are in no mood to rehash the details.

Out of respect for everyone involved, we decided to pull the videos off You Tube. Right now they only serve to galvanize people’s opinion, that was not our intent. When we first heard about it few days ago, we though there had to be a mistake. But after letting few days go by, we came to realize that this will not be resolved quickly.

We really do not want to share our personal feeling on this other than to say that as a parents we are devastated to hear accusation like this regardless of who is involved. As a parents, our thoughts always are with a child first.

Having said that, Paulie that we know is not capable of crimes that he is accused of. And this we sense is the feeling among many of you. But is there a Paulie we didn’t know? Only the time will tell. There will be no commenting on this poll…this is hard as it is. Go kiss your kid and tell them you love them. We are.