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Yup, all us who were complaining about the sand eels and tins and tubes..I came to bite us in the ass. Most of us would kill for a bump right now..of any kind

I am glad to see that boys in NJ this fall have a same type of action as we did last fall on central south shore of Long Island. Make a mental note, you never know how much you are going to miss something until you actually lose it.


Sad state of affairs this fall run, I have to tell you. The other day I was fishing by one of the local Jones Beach bridges and I had a bump. Yes, a real, honest-to-goodness bump in November. Granted , I did not get a chance to get out much this month but when I did I caught nothing. I almost peed in my pants from excitement..of course I struck out but that bump made me cast another hour like a mad man. Pathetic


We asked our editor Roger to pick five  favorite pictures in issue # 10. You guys get one guess each. First five people that guess what pictures Roger liked will win each a lure from  Point Jude Lures…maybe you guys can put them to good use

73 comments on “Win 5 lures from Point Jude Lures

  1. George Cerny

    Dear Z, Sorry, on one hand about no fish but glad it’s not my fault I’m not catching anything but skunks. Finished your book on kindle, it was terrific! geo.

  2. Jeremy

    Zeno, thank you for speaking of the lack of fish caught and taking some of the sting out of my terrible season lol…..or is it loc….lots of crying


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