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  1. CTMatt

    Haha! Around 2:00-2:10 that blue must have been soooo pissed off trying to snag that lure lol! I love it when they get airborne!

  2. CTMatt

    What lure is that again? I have seen them before…look like a pencil popper someone ran over…flat on two sides…

  3. Robert Mc

    Most look to be pecils without a mid hook.
    The blue/white looks to be a Robert`s casting plug, great lure and cast a mile. But I had a simlar day 35 blue in about 2 hour,
    Line Stretcher did the job, I crank the lure just a little faster than the Blue`s they where jumpimg mad! like tarpon up to 18 lbers, at Mecca in May.

  4. CTMatt

    I really do love blues…they are the lean and mean athletic little ttothy buggers of the sea…

    I didn’t catch his action but is he doing more of a fast retrieve, walk the dog or a pencil popper kind of action?

  5. mark m

    I dig the 70’s funky sound. Great soundtrack to a fun video. Zeno, your skills behind the camera are getting better each time. More fun than fishing isn’t it.

  6. CTMatt

    They were able to wade WAAAAAAAAY out on that shoreline. Cool! I should clean up a ranger and toss it back in my bag after seeing this lol..

  7. Chris A

    Its a very well made video showing how to rig your plug for the easiest catch and release for blues. The video has shown great RESPECT for bluefish and the anglers are PROS……

  8. Don Brown

    Tom Lynch is a very fine gentlemen.His video’s are very well made and really captures the spirt of the sport.He has other video’s as well.With fishermen catching nice size stripers during a northeast storm.You should be able to find them on you tube.

  9. Joe L

    There was a ton of big Blues around NJ this year.Their a blast catchin’em on top water plugs.Looks like those guys had a lot of fun that day.

  10. Robert McGinley

    Tommy Lynch was the video guy, and is also a personal friend of mine. Tom also is known as a pretty good surf fisherman. The lure used in one clip was a Roberts Ranger Wind cheater.


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