More news for 2011

   As Surfcasters Journal Magazine grows there will be additions (and no too many subtractions I hope :-))
Our newest addition is to announce that chef Andrew Chase formerly of Monkey Bar fame and few other well known places but currently partner in Katja Café  79 Orchard Street in NYC will be joing us
He will be SJ official Chef De Cuisine.  Andrew will be in sharing his passion for cooking with SJ readers, coming up with recipes for our readers and write on all things that might interest the cook in you.
How good is of a cook Mr. Chase is?
Padma Lakshmi thought his sauce was pretty damn good 🙂
here he is on the cover …
in other news…I am curious if anyone has any experience in living/fishing in Bonita Springs, Estero, Punta Gorda area? If you do can you please drop me an email at please ? I got few questions

21 comments on “More news for 2011

  1. Tony Politi

    Congrats to Andrew Chase. I am excited about this addition. It could be cool to have some new and different recipes to try. Could you also try to include more pictures of Padma, LOL

  2. mark m

    Zeno, my family owns two places in Bonita Springs, FL. Very nice spot and I have seen plenty of fish over there off the beach. I did not fish there, usually chasing the kids around and having family time with the relatives. I can find out if you like regarding local hot spots, but no guarantees.

  3. CTMatt

    Padma is usually pretty straight edge on the show and looks great in all but my god that is one of her best shots…I can only imagine the view from Chase’s end lol

  4. CTMatt

    Hey Z…I would love to see more contests like you had back in the day picking favorite photos, easter eggs, random stuff like that.

    Congrats Chase!

  5. Nick

    Z ask Padma to do an iterview with surfcasters journal, maybe a centerfold of her with a vs or a pair of those new pliers, just a sugestion………

  6. bdubbs

    Be stoked for some new striped recipes. But yea I agree wi th the posts above. U need to get padma in the mag. I’m thinking maybe modeling the newest surf bag with nothing under it. ……. just a thought. 🙂

  7. Predrag

    “How good is of a cook Mr. Chase is?”

    I do not know how well he cooks, but if he cooks as well as catches fish – the food must taste great!

  8. Mitch G

    I tried Andrew’s “Prosciutto Bass Recipe” & it was incredibly awesome. I look forward to stealing some of John Chase’s brothers great recipes.

  9. achase

    I’m honored that Zeno asked me to contribute!!
    I know a lot of you are accomplished cooks so I’ll try to keep a balance between basic techniques and some more advanced or un-usual dishes and ideas.
    In the interest of full disclosure, that picture with Padma is now 11 years old; time flies!!
    She still looks amazing, though. Me, I’ve added some gray.
    Thanks for the well wishes and compliments(Hi Predrag!!)and talk to you guys soon,

  10. Tony Marchisotto

    Who IS that guy feeding Padma? Psych!
    Congratulations Andrew we look forward to trying out some recipes. Try not to forget real men fish & real men BBQ…with charcoal & wood


  11. martino Agosta

    I’m proud to call Andrew my friend !!!!. Andrew from the looks of that cover shot you had a fun time feeding her lol……


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