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The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to making fishing resolutions for new year is to fish more. At least is for most people. Since weakfish disappeared few years ago I came to realization that I was spending way too many nights chasing ghosts. So this year, after summer pattern have developed I basically hanged up the rod and waited for fall. Yes, I made few trips but it was mostly for exercises…did I miss not being out few nights a week? Not really, to be honest. I kind of enjoyed hanging with the wife and kids. So unless the weakfish make a return, scratch me out for muggy, mosquito filled nights for now.

What would I like to accomplish, get better or learn?

  • Continue to improve my eel rigging and fishing
  • Trying to fish or at least attempt to when on vacation in Fl. Stuff I never done like snook and redfish or whatever. Boat, yak , surf, whatever, as long as my son in with me
  • Built some two piece rods…been fishing with GSB forever…don’t care for super surf but absolutely adore mojo and legend. It would be my first 2 piece rod in at least 15 years
  • Visit Block again would be fun but not sure if I can pull it off…probably in the fall. Much more fun than MTK although they are close to each other. Pain in the ass to get to for a NY guy
  • Take more pictures. Never got into it this year. No idea why
  • Make wife happy and become less “unsocial”…..   ha,that is so not happening 🙂
  • Fly-fishing…on my to-do list
  • look into buying a yak or small boat for bay to take kids. Chances of that about 5% since Da Wife is planning a visit to the old country which should leave me broke as usual
  • Fish few local sand spots in a by a local bridge and the other on the ocean side. First I need to grow bigger balls. No idea why I can swim a half mile offshore at Cutty but cant 300 yards at home…beats me
  • Wash my gear before April 1st…

You ?

16 comments on “New Year

  1. CTMatt

    -more overnights with fishing buddy in R.I.
    -practice rigging and skinning eels
    -try new guides choice gear and learn the lure
    -find a rampage top so my entire upper body isn’t soaked on first wave
    -blackfish more and yak more to supplement
    -stay off my credit card when I see sweet gear lol

  2. mike

    -focus ALOT more on the night time fishing
    -learn how to rig eels and how to fish’em
    – do more Jerzey Jetty Jumpin.(they seem to be way to croweded most of the times and i need to grow a bigger set:) )
    -hit the backbay more
    – lastly make a trip to the promise land(Block,MTK,Cuttyhunk,ect)any of those would sufice

  3. Rich m

    would like to catch with rigged eel this year,
    practice with metal lips (get more in tune with lures that produce just yet for me)
    try getting to block,this year
    find early spring bite

  4. Rob G

    – Learn the plugs I have before buying any more (wait til I catch a fish with each type before adding)
    – Choose the locations I fish based on what the conditions tell me and not bc a friend will be there or its just more convenient
    – Man up and hit the local jettys more often
    – Learn how to rig eels and try em out
    – Stop visiting this site and others while at work! (YEA RIGHT!)

    Happy New Year to all –

  5. bdubbs

    -learn how to rig eels and fish em down here in south jersey. Noone uses em here?!?
    -make more trips to mtk this fall and work on dialing in the night game.
    -figure out how to explain to my gf that Im gonna go fishing a 5 hours drive from home at least once a week all fall.
    – make my van more sleep compatible for overnighters in the lower lot.

  6. mark m

    So many good ideas here. My fishing “wants” change all the time so I won’t list them, they are pretty much repetative at this point. These are the real things (I can think of at the moment 🙂 ) that mean something to me and probably are similiar to alot of folks here:
    -be a better family man
    -stop smoking cigarettes
    -work on remembering everyones name I meet
    -become a better listener

  7. Chris A

    Hey Zeno Heading to Fl for Snook but dont do that well lots of Blues and Pompano. Right of the shore. Will be down by Wednesday….

    Try to get my biggest fish on a rigged eel….Seems the shad bring me the best luck

    Promise myself to stop working my prevous spots and travel little more for new spots…]

    I try to keep it simple because theres alot to learn on each trip I do.

  8. TJ

    try to make my clothes stop shrinking and maybe actually make my body shrink a little..

    and BTW there are NO FISH IN RI 🙂

  9. Robert LIO

    Get rid of the boat and fish the beach exclusively…Try to perfect catching keeper fluke from the shore during the summer doldrums…take a trip to Cuttyhunk..spend more weekends in Montauk…Break 40lbs locally on an artificial (came close this yr).Convince more guys that big bass can be taken on plugs and that you dont need to rely on eels..Fish more in October…HARD

  10. Irish

    master the spots five minutes from home instead of looking only on the south shore inlets.

    break 80 on the golf course

  11. Greg T.

    -learn how to jig,I have been putting this off for two years now.I feel like i’m missing out on some big fish
    – bike the canal more,the exercise can’t hurt
    -learn how to fish both sides of the canal and the two tides,always fish the east lows with great success
    -catch and release more fish than last year
    -apply the the stuff in the books i have read so far
    -educate other anglers around me when fishing,got way to frustrated with crossed up lines last year with people not waiting their turn to cast.
    – fish r.i. n.h and maine,and north shore -last but not least,try and out fish my buddy Steve more than he does me,took way to many beatings from him last season,but hey who’s counting.

  12. Lucky Luke

    I’m two years into fishing. I have a lot of goals. To many to list.

    But I would love to learn a lot more about the sport.

    I also would like to not lose 8 bucktails in a span of one day…Let alone lose 4 in an hour while 10+ people around me are catching striped bass. It won’t happen again as I now know the reason to why they were getting caught. Let’s just say its the worst feeling, especially when everyone around you is catching fish !


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