News about our SJ Magazine

so, you guys like that video, huh ?


I promised you some more news regarding SJ so here it goes.

You already know Andrew Chase is our resident chef, Lou Caruso our Rod Guru, Dave Anderson our Plug Guru and last but not least, John Papciak our Fly Guru.

You also know that we will try to cover fly fishing from shore to best of our abilities. Anyone who is interested in penning a piece ,don’t be shy, just drop me an email. I been talking to Lou Tabory, Ed Mitchell, Bob Popovics and such…

You know how after we put up a new issue you read trough it like a madman? It’s almost anticlimactic as you trying to savor it, knowing that next issue is long three months away.

Not any more…

As of March issue, the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine will become bi-monthly publication. Will I ever find time to fish? Probably not. Will we be  able to handle the load?

I am not sure but we’ll give it a shot.

In all honesty, we don’t own anyone anything. If we don’t like the direction or the load, we’ll just revert to quarterly. Or we’ll ditch all ads and do it whenever we fell like it, becoming an underground publication of sorts. The day we stop having fun is the day we call it a day .The only people we’ll ever answer to are our wives and kids.

So get ready to enjoy Surfcaster’s Journal magazine

more often

Chef Andrew when he is not cooking

14 comments on “News about our SJ Magazine

  1. will

    great video! i’ve watcher it every morning since you posted to put me in a good mood for the day.
    Also glad to hear about more issues of SJ per year, in the future. Thanks for helping to feed the collective addiction!
    you should consider taking submissions for & featuring a video with every issue of SJ. Don’t know how much more work that would be for you, but it would be cool.

  2. Mark M

    I am surprised by the comment of ditching your sponsers. Why the sudden change, unless I am reading this wrong. I am feeling that maybe one of them ruffled someones feathers.

  3. Jim Hill

    Nice Z!!!!!Hey you gonna be at Asbury again this year?If so I’ll be at the AOK table again it’d be nice to see you!


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