SJ 2010 Video Year in Review

Another week, another storm.

I for one are sick of it. For those of you that are attending the seminar tonight, please be careful driving.

I got a call that we might have a seminar in a grand ballroom on the ground level so check here first before venturing upstairs.

It should be fun. We have a lot of stuff to raffle off, Line Stretcher lures, Guides Choice Lures. Hansom Pliers, St Croix hats, Super Strike boys will bring few gifts and one of you will walk home at the end of the seminar series with a  custom MAK surf bag.

Btw..the class that was postponed last week due to storm is rescheduled for Tuesday March 15th at 7 30..same place

Which brings me to a weekend..

This weekend we have LI Recreational Fishing Expo on tap in Islandia.

Dave Rose, maker of MAK custom surf bag is making his first trip to LI to do a show. Give him a warm welcome and check out his bags. Some of our other supporters will be there, boys from LI Outdoorsman, Ebbpoint surf fishing, RI Poppers and Paulie’s Bait and tackle. I won’t be able to attend but I am sure you guys will have fun

the fellow that guess my favorite picture is on page 30, email me your address

and now I will try to brighten up this miserable days for you guys

After countless hours of editing, pulling my hair out and crashing my PC I present to you this

Surfcaster’s Journal 2010 Video Year in Review

So go ahead, call me elitist, know it all, skate eater and guy who can’t spell for sheath (that would be shit for you non-croatian types). I’ve heard it all

Just don’t say when I am gone that I haven’t tried to entertain you….


33 comments on “SJ 2010 Video Year in Review

  1. Larry F

    Gotta sya…. for the last 6 minutes watching, I totally forgot it was Winter…. then looked up and out the window and came back down to reality!! UGH!! Got my heart pumpin’ again!! Thanks for a terrific little quick getaway!!!

  2. DO

    Very Nice Z. Can I be music supervisor next time? Too much GnR and you need to hit the changes.. 😉 Still very cool. Makes this most nasty winters day a little bit better.

  3. Zeno Post author

    Its not for lack of trying….every time I tried to match the clip to audio my program would crash..after about dozen times I threw my hands in the air

  4. Dave W.

    Thanks Z, I needed that. This winter blows but on the positive side March is around the conner and so will be the stripers.

  5. woodwker99

    Z. your effort was well worth it. I have to echo all who said thanks for the short mental getaway from all this ice and snow.

  6. woodwker99

    Also…Page 30!??? it’s an ad…. I guess if MAK wasn’t emblazoned across it I too would have loved it. I hadn’t realized advertisements were also in the running. Oh well. Someone guessed right and Congrats to whom ever they are. and thanks for the give a way.

  7. CTmatt

    What firetiger popper was Tommy tossing? Looks sick!

    We should organize some sort of Jones Beach get together/all nighter. I’d love to come down and fish with you guys. I miss L.I….never took advantage of surfcasting there like I now do in CT.
    Block, MTK, Robert Moses…I don’t care where. Just to put a face to a post/etc. I’ll bring Tommy copious amounts of sausage and pepper from New England haha…

  8. Dave W.

    Hey Z, love the GNR, keep it comming!
    I was at Giants Stadium when they filmed the video for this song. Got kicked out when I jumped the blue wall to get on the floor, Man I miss arena rock!

  9. Zeno Post author

    MAK ad is page 28-29
    can you please not make statements like that before checking
    you making us look like asses for no reason

  10. Jasonb2

    Thanks Z and crew very well done especially the music thanks for all your hard work I will be watching that video everyday till I get on the rocks


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