New video by NY Surf Fishing guide Bill Wetzel

Do we have a treat for you today!

We know many of you do not have a chance to hear Bill Wetzel talk at seminars. You get these bits and pieces of his well earned wisdom over the years here and there. I was honored when he asked me the other day to help him make a how to fish with live eels.

So pull up a chair, get a cup of LARGE coffee and sit back because twenty minutes of essential Mr. Wetzel is coming your way


[youtube width=”550″ height=”444″][/youtube]

12 comments on “New video by NY Surf Fishing guide Bill Wetzel

  1. Steve MacDonald

    That Bill Wetzel is one crazy cat! Good lessons to be learned though. I always thought one guy w a dozen eels is overkill (about $25 too, not cheap!) This is because many times you can land 2,3,4 bass or more on the same eel. I guess nothing beats freshness, but they seem to whack the same beaten-down eel with more and more enthusiasm. Ever try the 9″ pork rind eel with a small bullet weight? cost-effective, rugged, tough and wow. do they ever hit those things!

  2. Bgjim

    I won a trip with Bill earlier in the year from SJ and he took me out Nov.8 and what a guy even though we didn’t hook up he showed he so much in the time I had with him Thanks to SJ and Bill trip of a lifetime

  3. Roger R

    I’ve been fishing live eels for 25 years and I learnt something watching Bill’s video: I’ve been using too small a mesh bag. A bigger bag should lead to less dead ones (I know there is something especially attractive about a live eel but Joe Bragan showed me years ago how well dead ones will catch.
    I also don’t like the small barb on the Gami’s so i use Owner hooks.

  4. MRisser

    Been fishing eels for a little while and there is something it that “slap”, just the way Bill describes it, that is AWESOME. You go from zero to 100% in a 1/2 second!
    Good tips on the bag, the handling and hook sets, too. Always learning something, Thanks Bill and SJ

  5. E. P.

    Now there’s a man who undoubtedly gets amped up with what he does. Check out all that enthusiasm over something he’s probably done a million times. Man, if I only had half his talent. Always something to learn from his videos; Friggin priceless stuff!!!!


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