Three Awesome Guppy Lure Pencil Poppers Giveaway


I been meaning to do this for a while, guys from Guppy probably think I stashed these suckers in my bag, but nothing is further from the truth.

I been a little too deep into a new project and a bit MIA I suppose but when you see what is in my head I am sure you will understand.

So these beautiful pencil poppers made by Guppy Lure Co have been hanging in my basement.

But they are made to be fished so today i will give three of you a chance to win one Guppy Lures Pencil Poppers each, the color of my choice. Always loved these plugs and after I really got to know the Hess brothers who make these plugs I have an even deeper appreciation of what they do.




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  1. Carl Johansen

    It can be stated that the Hess brothers have taken the old Hog Hunter to new levels of custom made plugs that the fish go crazy over and have been known to have the fish actually crash on them by coming out of the water and attacking them on top, instead of from underneath. This will be a great plug to catch big momma on


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