Videos, videos and more videos

As you all know, we are giving away this custom C&R Surfcasting Gear bag to one deserving veteran. Do you have someone in mind you’d like to nominate?

Click here and nominate your favorite surfcaster


Video of the bag


For those of you that are FB junkies we are giving away a whole package consisting of 30b,40lb,50lb spools of Spiderwire Ultracast on our FB page. Here is the link.

Throw your name into a hat, you got to be in it two win it


I wanted to share this really awesome video from DEEP guys. They just uploaded yesterday but i thought i was really well done. Its not often when you watch a video that you say that the guy behind the camera captured the moment.

All i could think is i want to catch one of those bad boys

And continuing in video mode

You know John Skinner’s book is out right? You can find it in our online store by clicking the tab in  right hand corner. But did you know that John’s book has little coded boxes which you scan with your phone and it will take you right to a relevant chapter video?


We are lucky that John uploaded bunch a new videos this week that work in conjunction with his book

If you missed any, here there are

Live eels







5 comments on “Videos, videos and more videos

  1. Chris A

    i biggest to date was around 8 pound Jake and still to this day I can remember that fight. Blue fish get the same amount of respect up north. Pound for pound Jake and blues fight better then snook or bass in my opinion. Snook and Bass seem to be more reliable and predictable in catching. May be the main reason why its more favorable to experienced anglers.


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