New video and weekly winners

I hate making apologies first thing on a Sunday morning slightly less that I like doing any work on a Sunday. Any Sunday. It’s an old thing instilled by my late grandfather, Sunday is for church, family and friends…however, these days, when you can’t get to half of your stuff to begin with during the week, you do what you have to. So I will start working on adding some high hats in the bathroom even although I have no idea what I am doing…after church that is. I wonder if he is looking down on me with a disapproving look on his face…

What am I apologizing for? That video yesterday that I had to take down because YouTube blocked it. I had a video of Montauk blitzes keyed in to Crazy Train by Ozzie but they blocked it. I tried different versions of that song and multiple uploads but they all had same results, denied. Hate to see hours and hours of work go down the drain. I might revisit that video when I have more time…and find another beat that fits the bill.

Ok, I know I am behind but here are the winners of last week contest

First, my favorite picture of this issue is on page 87 and first person to guess this is Don H …

For that he wins this beautiful Lemire’s Plug works giant Prowler metal lip swimmer You have 5 days to get us your shipping address at

The winner of Sebile Magic Swimmer, courtesy of Pure Fishing is Doug..

You also have 5 days to get us your shipping address at

I fell of my diet wagon after month and a half last night, gorged on Nutella crepes like striper on bunker. The end result was not pretty. Not being able to sleep I fired up a Mac and made a video that you can actually watch. 🙂


William “Doc” Muller, a friend, personal hero, mentor, someone who I admire and respect tremendously. Author of “Surfcaster: The Ultimate Guide to Surf Fishing”. If you haven’t picked up the book, you can get it at our online store and your local retailer and Amazon. As with any books Doc published, you won’t be disappointed after finishing it. When i get to i ,wi will try to fisnish editng the rest of the interview. You have to admit, we might suck at video editing and production, we might be a high school drop outs but no one brings you more original content than SJ….and all for a big zero,zilch,nada out of your pocket. So we do appreciate when you buy a shirt or a hat. That funds this kind of stuff….ps, some new shirts debuting at Asbury next week..stay tuned


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16 comments on “New video and weekly winners

  1. Dave Whitney

    No apology needed. Your working your butt off and are doing a kick ass job!
    While your streaming video some of us are out fishing, which I did this morning.
    Thanks Z and crue, The blog and the mag help start my day and get me bye each one as well.

  2. njplugger

    Congrats to all this week’s winners.

    Tight lines to you guys with those great plugs.

    Z, as always, thanks for your continuing diligence in adding so much to the surfcasting community & actually it’s “history”!
    It is certainly appreciated by many.


  3. Zeno Post author

    of the top of my head
    three egg yolks mixed with 1 1/2 cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of Vanilla
    Sift a 1 1/ 2 cup of flour, two tablespoons opf sugar, pinch of salt and 5 tablespoons of melted butter
    that’s it

  4. Tlaxin

    Just thankful for you guys putting this much time and effort into this for all of us. Keep up the good work.

  5. Zeno Post author

    I cook by the seat of my pants most of the time, a dash of this a pinch of that..had few disasters over the years just like everyone but cooking is my passion…which does not help with my dieting

  6. Rav

    don’t forget to roll the pan…meaning to tilt it 4 ways to thin out the crepe…then lower the heat.

    a very informative video (thumbs up)

    looking forward to the full one – many thanks Z


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