Monatuk Blitz…a video diary

Yes, it’s a show season. But unlike many in the past, this one feels different. Not only because some have been catching bass with regularity all winter. But because it feels different. The buds are starting to sprout from the ground. You don’t have to drive to the show and dump your truck on a mound of snow and walk through the slush to get to the place. This kind of weather, I could get used to.

This week I watched the video rough cut by a pro crew…they have done a really good job capturing the essence of surfcasting. You will get to see it soon, I am not at liberty to share it with you. The point is, these dudes are very good what they do. I mean very good, from angles to special effect to framing, I felt they nailed what fishing in Montauk is all about. Multiple cameras,sound and lighting dudes, all spent a day in Montauk talking to locals and regulars,all for a few minutes of video….remarkable

As Tommy said, this kind of video can either crush you or inspire you. Being a self thought video/photo/editing one man show, I kind of resented their skills first time I’ve seen it. At first I was crushed when realizing my own limitations. So much that I told my wife I never want to make another video again. Ever.But just like many of us with the surfcasting, these guys followed their passion into video production. And they are very good at what they do. So on the end of the day, it did inspire me.

I don’t think I will ever be able to wow you with my artistic abilities. I don’t think I have it in me. But I will try to help promote the sport to the  best of my abilities



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26 comments on “Monatuk Blitz…a video diary

  1. Jerry

    I’d still rather watch a video on Spro clips or your interview with Wetzel. After they filmed Montauk that “pro” team probably spent a week filming the latest spinning craze on the UES or the new pastel bar in Soho. You need a pro crew, or at the very least a hot secretary. IMHO.

  2. CTMatt

    Z are you sure it got on YouTube? I have a filter on my work computer but no filter on my phone and I can’t find it on my phone either.

  3. Zeno Post author

    Sorry guys,..lots of hours of work down the drain..thank God I get big bucks for doing this…
    this just illustrates my point of how much I suck at this shit
    Jerry..its a nice idea but I already married a hottie..not sure if I could handle two,….lol

  4. CTMatt

    Real quick what is the title of it? I’ll try searching again for that specific title but under “Surfcasters journal” your subscrition didn’t have it anywhere.

  5. Brendan

    Z – just get rid of the music and re-post to YouTube, it’s not wasted effort! You might have accidentally used a song SME and/or Koch own (or think they own) some how.

  6. Zeno Post author

    Brendan…can’t do that
    this video, unlike any other I did was keyed to the music..every frame of it..

  7. pauly p

    I’ve been a photographer and filmmaker for over 25 years. In that time I’ve pulled off quite a few successful productions against some adverse conditions and on very limited budgets. In the end it’s your passion for the subject that will drive you to dig deeper and keep your creative eyes open. As I pro I can honestly say you should be very proud of your efforts with SJ as both a photographer and videographer. I know quite well what it takes to be inspired to pick up a camera and try to make magic; not at all easy, and I get paid well for it. You have a definite vision all the way through the process and believe me that is most important.
    Keep your finger on the shutter, stick to your guns and rock on!

  8. Rich m

    would you really want tommy out in the water holding up lighting diffuser?or light pole? nah thats not you man your videos are just fine they definatly look like you worked hard on them

  9. harv

    F dem z we dont need thier cluster f videos! Were got u babe! Lol WERE ALL IN OR WERE ALL OUT! We stickin w u & headbanger Tommy bam! THE MARV

  10. Tyson

    Seems to be gone, but that is not the only video out there at You Tube. Hope everyone has a good spring run.


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