Legend speaks

Yesterday post got me thinking about what is the best thing we do here at SJ. I’ll be first to admit that is hard to keep all the balls in the air at all times and try to blog, fish,video,picture,write and answer your emails in addition to holding down a job and taking care of the family. But we manage..yes, we screw up sometimes. And yes, a lot of time it feels like it’s more headache than it’s worth.

But then I thought about all of you from PA,NJ,RI,MA,NH,CT and many other places along the coast that love this sport. Many of you have bought a books by John Skinner, William Muller. You’ve read stuff about Crazy Alberto Knie, Bill Wetzel…but you never got to see them up close and personal in the seminars. Some of these guys don’t travel. Some of you can’t make it to every show. I think it’s neat that we can bring you this kind of stuff in between the issues, stuff that you really get a kick out of . Stuff that makes this sport so much more personable. Where else will you get to meet Tom from Commando, Dave from MAK and Nick from Ebbpoint without going to the show? How many of you have spoken to Ron at ZeeBaaS but never knew what he looked like? Or Willy Young, Vito Orlando, Steve McKenna, Dennis Zambrotta..and many others

I think that is a primary reason why I am so obsessed with videos last few years. No, I never cared to get in front of the camera unless I have too. If you read my books, you know I don’t consider myself on par with most of the people I interview. But I think it’s a great way to gain some additional  knowledge that might not be in their books or articles. I think it helps to paint a better picture what these surf sharpies are all about. What drives them, what is behind their philosophy. You can’t tell me that you can watch Skinner video and not think that the man reads a washer warranty cover to cover unlike most of us. You can tell that his attention to detail is serious stuff, in life and in fishing. And how about Bill Wetzel? You will have to travel far and wide to find another fellow as excited about what he does as Bill. So when you are looking for a Montauk Guide, you don’t have to make any choices. You just call Bill.

At the Surf Day last weekend, many of you expressed your support for what we do. We are very unbusinesslike here at SJ. We were told that we should leverage our readers base to sell our readers products. To which I say, bull chit. I certainly don’t want to be part of any website that is existing to sell me stuff. We will just do whatever pops into our head..like always. There is no script, no master plan….

But I do want to express my thanks to many of you. When you bought a shirt ,hat or sweatshirt with SJ logo on it or made a donation, you help us raise funds to buy camera equipment, backdrops, lighting. We have many ideas that we want to put into the motion but raising kids and taking care of the family comes first. With striper season upon us, we hope that we made your hiatus from beaches a little more bearable. That we kept the light burring by bringing you videos, giveaways and just a good original content without pretenses.

Now for the painful part of my post…the video below. I spent hours talking with Fred Schwab on camera. If you don’t know who Fred is do some reading. In my opinion, one of the moist influential anglers of the last half century.

Unfortunately, after I got home, I realized that I basically ruined the quality of the video by not lightning the place, by not cropping enough, by just not knowing what the hell I was doing. I still don’t but this three hour session from two years ago haunts me every day. Because in my mind there is no man alive that walks the surf i respect more then Fred…so Tommy and I approached Fred few weeks ago and we will do it again. This time hopefully with right lighting and framing. Or at least better.

Not much I could do with original footage…I actually added some filters and brought in more noise to make it bearable to watch…my incompetence is killing me. But I make a hell of a crepes…lmao

I still think you are going to enjoy Fred talk about early days..again, my apologies for the grainy video

Damn, I am doing a lot of apologizing this week 🙂


29 comments on “Legend speaks

  1. MattD

    No apologies needed for the video Zeno. Looked fine to me. I could listen to Fred talk about the early days all day long. Keep’em coming!

  2. Fred Fishbone Fischer

    Z the vid was good but man them crepe,s are killing me I gotta go make breakfast now they made me so hungry ,see ya

  3. Allen W

    Z maybe you are too hard on yourself. I kind of get where you are coming from but as with the previous readers I think the video looks fine. And you know, at least YOU and Tommy care about this stuff. Getting the Legends of this sport on tape is invaluable. Now you got my appetite going I don’t know if I want to go fishing or eat! Keep them coming gentlemen.

  4. CTMatt

    Z would you please stop apologizing…you aren’t Robo-Z just do the best you can with what cha got and don’t worry about what other people think!

  5. Troy S.

    The work you guys are doing are A-1.. People like myself are learning alot from the work you guys are doing up there. I for one would like to thank you guys, and keep up the goood work.

  6. cow tamer

    Z – they call this style of video, a teaser; something akin to the teaser described in the detailed bucktail rig. They all catch.

  7. Lee Solomon

    Thought the vdeo was just fine in terms of visual and really it’s all about what the man is saying and how he is saying it. More please. Thanks
    Lee S

  8. DZ

    Nice to listen to a legend. Just love how New Yawkas say “Dahtas” for darter. Brings me back to my roots.

    Thanks Z.


  9. ovenrat

    you guys have the most unique surf fishing site on the www …..don’t change a thing, you and Tommy are doing a great job ….. some days I feel like I’m the fly on the wall in some secret Long Island Surf Club …..

  10. greg

    video looked great, dont be so hard on yourself Z

    keep it coming we all love it

    those jerzy boyz and their teazers…

  11. GlennS

    Z…Thank for what you guys do! I’m on the west coast and there’s not much here on this side as far as information regarding surfcasting. Our Striped Bass Season is nothing like what you guys have on the east coast but it’s fun nevertheless. We just have to work very hard to find the fish. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Tom at Commando before ordering my bag. Awesome guy. I’ve been in touch with Lou Caruso via emails who is now building me a rod…Another Awesome guy!

    I got in touch with both Tom and Lou because of what I’ve read in SJ and what you’ve posted on You Tube. Great info….Please keep it coming!!!!

  12. TRisser

    Z, Great video! Thanks!!

    For the business end of SJ you guys should set up a portal that takes people from your website to merchants who advertize with you. Then take a commission or finder’s fee from the merchant when someone purchase something from them. Amazon does this for groups as a way to make money for different groups. If I shop at Amazon I can go through a portal at my church website to place the order. I get my stuff and the church gets a little cash. I am going to purchase the merchandise no matter what so the least I can do is help by giving a little of the money to the church.

    I personally have purchased a bag from Commando after watching your video and talking with Tom at Surd Day. I know other people who have purchase rods from Lou after reading his stuff and watching videos on SJ. We all purchase fishing equipment and if we could go through your website to help give SJ a little money I would do it in a second. This can be done seamlessly without it being pushy or obnoxious. Just an idea.

  13. Zeno Post author

    Your post only illustrates the point that supporting SJ trough advertising works. I don’t feel that complicating matters and taking another bite out of their earnings would be justified. Most of our supporters are small bussines that are having hard time enough getting by. I am just glad that people associate products and manufacturers with sj when making their desicions when buying gear. I think on the end of the day, that is all we can do. Give you an idea, bring a face into equation trough the magic of video. Make you aware of a product…the decision on what you get is at the end always yours…

  14. William Franz

    Progress not perfection Z.

    You come off as a regular Guy who loves what we all love, Surf fishing. You have decided to share valuable and exciting info via SCJ. We ALL thank you & Tommy for your creation. No one expects you to be Speilberg behind the camera… at least not yet 🙂

    I grew up in Jersey, College in RI. I can’t get the Striped Bass off my mind. SCJ keeps me fresh & informed in many ways. I applaud you guys!

    West Coast Striper Addict,

    Bill Franz


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